Wii Virtual Console Shutdown Countdown and Recommendation Thread


Yep, the clock is ticking. I’m probably going to add funds and buy later. I need a ballpark on how much I need to add, though, so I need to make a list. I’ve already started.


Does anyone know if you can buy this stuff if you have a softmodded Wii?


Yes you can


Mind sharing your list? I feel like I should make moves but dunno where to start!


OK, here’s my list. It’s not terribly long but … man this can really add up. Like everyone here, I have original hardware for many of these systems. I’m focused mainly on rarities, expensive stuff and systems that I will never own (basically N64 - just not a fan of that system). I’m also pretty focused on action games that I can just jump into. I don’t think I’ll be playing many old RPGs anytime soon. Not worried about Neo Geo stuff because I can get those on PS4 or Switch, by and large. Also, I do have about 45-50 games on the console already, which I bought from a guy on GAF (as noted above). They are pirated games, but I’ll keep them anyway. I should have a good archive of stuff here between all of these.

Mega Turrican
Monster World IV

Sonic 2

Majora’s Mask
Sin & Punishment
StarFox 64
Super Mario 64


Bonk’s Revenge
Super Air Zonk

Castlevania Rebirth
Contra Rebirth
Gradius Rebirth
Maboshi Arcade
Bonzai Barber
Excitebike World Rally

That’s $150 right there … wow. Luckily I just got a one-time bonus from work. So I’ll just dump some of that into this. If anyone thinks I’m absolutely missing something … just chime in!


Two of the greatest.


I’m not sure I’d try it myself, but if the worst that is likely to happen is that you’re unable to get them or you’re ‘banned’ from online services (if they are still monitoring things like that), it wouldn’t be a huge loss right? Does/Can Nintendo brick systems or anything like that?

Also, I’m sure you’re aware and probably want to keep things above board and support the parties involved, but most Wiiware and Wii VC games are backed up online and very easy to install via homebrew, so once the service goes down you will still have options.


the online service for Wii ended in 2014.

Nintendo never did any blocking or banning on Wii as far as I know


Bought my last four games. Over the years I probably amassed about 150-175 VC tiltes between my US and Japanese systems. Got he last few stragglers I wanted and needed. Zaxxon for its cool vertical option, Dynamite Heady for 240p even though I have it on the Ages disc. Monster World IV for similar despite having it on 360/One, and Rotohex because somehow I missed that Wiiware port.


I’ve been playing a lot of dynamite headdy lately. It’s sort of a mixed bag. Level design kind of falls apart later in the game.


The US version is way too hard. The original Japanese game is much better balanced.


I didn’t know there were differences. I’ll look into that.


I had Dynamite Headdy as a kid and always struggled to get very far in the game. The Japanese version in comparison feels very fair.


Spent $10 just to test and see if having the pirated games on my Wii would affect anything with the shop channel. No issues. Bought Castlevania Rebirth. It’s quite good!

Will add more money soon.


Yeah, the Wii has no real security lol. It was Nintendo’s first online marketplace.


Have to ask: once these go offline, are they still available via illicit means? Still buying stuff but want to know if it’s easy to get in the future.

Edit:looks like yes then double checking the thread. OK cool.


To be clear, if they are available by illicit means, such illicit means are not mentionable or condoned on our site.

(Sorry to be that guy, but it’s a firm stance we need to take).


To add on Peltz’s point, you can soft mod your Wii to legitimately archive your eshop purchases since the ability to redownload stuff will be shut off next year. I will be doing once I’m done purchasing my final items on my list since many of these titles are Wii eshop only for now.


Fair enough, sorry. Like I said, I’m still buying a lot of stuff. The preservationist in me just started sweating is all. Wanting it to be there for the future and all that.


No need to apologize. I just assume our site is just being scrutinized a little more than your average board due to our 501c3 application.

So I go out of my way to make sure our policy is known to those who may be reading. The goal isn’t to stifle all conversation about piracy, but rather just make sure everyone is aware of the rules so the conversation stays legal and non-instructive.