Wii Virtual Console Shutdown Countdown and Recommendation Thread


I forgot to mention that the MLiG video is supposed to be like an hour long according to this week’s live stream. Coury originally thought it would be 20 minutes. lol


Cool, looking forward to it!


Definitely looking forward to that MLiG video.


I hopped onto the Wii side of my Wii U tonight with the intention of throwing in some money and grabbing something new but got sucked into playing Bit.Trip Beat and Excitebike World Rally instead. Those are super Wii Ware games! For me, the Wii era will forever be linked to my kids growing up and being in grade school. It was such a special time. The Wii Remote with its ability to basically become an NES controller is so brilliant. sigh

Still not sure what I want to get because I’m willing to bet the Konami Rebirth games will find their way to Switch but there’s just no guarantee. Fortunately much of the virtual console is on Wii U so there’s no huge rush on a lot of that, although Gate of Thunder wasn’t ported but Lords was… hmmmm…



Just started watching :slight_smile:


Just finished watching :slight_smile:

No Puyo Puyo 2 arcade mention :frowning:


Went to download the Rebirth series last night, but system memory was full. Well, at least I’ve got the credit on there.


Great MLiG video. Man, I’m spending too much on this thing lol.


Great video as usual by the boys. I had no idea the Rebirth series looked as good as it does ! I will definetly be downloading Contra and CastleVania and giving them a playthrough!

Megaman 9/10 not having 240p/480p is still a heartbreaker.


I can’t watch the full video atm. Anyone have a tldr list of their recommended games?


Yea same here. I’ll watch this weekend when I have more time, but if someone can list it out I’d appreciate it.


I can name some of them from memory:

Bio Mircacle Ukette Upa
Blue’s Journey
Bomberman Hero
DoReMi Fantasy
Fast Draw Showdown (WiiWare)
Gate of Thunder
Golden Axe (Arcade)
JJ & Jeff
Konami Rebirth Series
Lost Winds (WiiWare)
Mega Man 9
Megaman 10
Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom
Rondo of Blood (PCE CD)
Secret Command/Rambo II
Shinobi (Arcade)
Shock Troopers (MVS/AES
Sin & Punishment
Sonic 2 (SMS)
Space Harrrier (Arcade)
Wonder Boy Series
You me and Cubes (WiiWare)

There’s also that Excitebike game.


Fantastic. My wallet hates you but I appreciate it.

Gentle reminder: March 26th is the last day on which you can add funds for purchasing such games. Get on it people.


I’m a little surprised to see so many people willing to financially support Nintendo on a service they are killing off. To me the situation highlights a major concern with digital purchases- a corporation pulling the plug and leaving you high & dry. Why reward this practice with even more purchases? Asking sincerely, if there’s an angle I’m missing I’m open to hearing it.


Cutting off the nose to spite the face?

Some of these games are classics, and may never be available again.


I fail to see the lure to these titles, honestly. It’s emulation at it’s core, which you can do in a million other ways for free.

They are great games, for sure… but if you’re emulating, then choose your favorite platform and emulate.


I completely support the purchase of games, but why would I invest in a digital distribution system if the company is just going to turn off the lights and prevent me from having access to those purchases? Nothing is being cut off in the name of spite - if someone is too late and misses this deadline, they will still have the ability to play the games if they are ok exploring unauthorized channels. And I certainly wouldn’t blame them from a moral standpoint. From a preservation standpoint, this entire situation strikes me as absurd and confirms a lot of my worst fears with ever going all digital.


Yeah, I agree. It’s a little scary going digital, especially on the console side of things, where you know they are bringing out a new piece of hardware in 4-7 years that will obsolete the current generation. Console manufacturers don’t exactly have a great track record when it comes to supporting old equipment. They push forward with a new release, and do what they can to migrate all users to the new platform.

Granted, I have a steam account with almost 1500 games, but that platform has been around for 15+ years, and is continuing to grow. I don’t see it ever going away… I hope I’m right.


It’s not just Virtual Console, there’s WiiWare which contains original games and some stone cold classics.

but they’re not are they? Whatever you’ve bought will be yours and will be playable for as long as your Wii continues to function. Yes, they’re closing the shop in 2019. But they’re not deleting anything from your Wii or stopping games from working.

I’m not sure you two have an accurate grasp on the situation?