In April 2024 Online Services for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U software will end

It was inevitable, but man it sucks. I still play MK7 online occasionally. This will also truly nerf the original Splatoon which is perhaps the biggest new franchise Nintendo has introduced in years.

I think this happened faster than Wii online games too but I’m not sure.

What were some of your favorite Wii U and 3DS online experiences?

Disappointed in Nintendo for this, since these systems are only one generation behind the current. Nintendo using GameSpy servers killed off Nintendo WFC support sooner than we would have otherwise seen.

As you mention many unique games will no longer be playable online, Mario Kart 7 is its own flavour of MK that has not been replicated in other games of the series, and the original Splatoon is still the best form the series has taken to date.

Games like Culdcept Revolt have daily online log-in rewards and other bonuses, other titles use SpotPass to deliver content to users, it’s going to be a big loss overall when the community uncovers the breadth of online-dependent content.

On the positive side perhaps there will be a rush to play through games which have a heavy online focus, like Triforce Heroes! such an underrated gem, that!

I wonder if the people that kept Wii and DS games online will do the same with this?

Could be pretty interesting if so, wonder if we’ll get Devil’s Third brought online, think that one had dedicated servers?