WTB: N3DS with dual IPS screens

As in this find: RGB Pick Up Thread Of Swag! by @Kawika

I’m in the UK.

I love my Dual IPS.

(Not selling it) :smiley:

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I’ll admit I went looking on eBay after seeing your post @Kawika lol


It took me a while to find mine. The dual IPS was a thing I’ve wanted for years and it felt good to finally get mine. I think the size of the N3DS Screen is just small enough that even though the DS pixels don’t look sharp, it doesn’t make it that less bad when compared to a N3DS XL.

I have taken my N3DS to a few meet ups with retro friends and most of them go, I need one of these.

Just throwing it out there again. I was able to get a dual IPS from a " super Mario 3dland new 3ds" bundle.

I got dual TN from the same bundle. :confused:

My original N3DS XL I returned it probably 11 times till i found a decent looking screen. Turns out, that before I knew about Dual IPS I knew they had huge screen differences.

And if someone has two, sell me the other one. Good luck.