FS: Scart cables

Now I have some extra scart cables to sell again, lol. These are from Retro Access/retro-console-accessories and are all the heavily shielded coax cables. Prices are shipped in the US.

PS1 Scart Cable- 8 foot ($40), 4 foot $34 (I believe 4’ cable is built with their recent implementation of 1000uf capacitors intended to make the cable fully compatible with the PS2 as well as maintaining compatibility for PS1. 8’ cable has the typical 220uf caps)

Genesis 2 Scart- 7 foot ($38)

Male to Male scart patch cables- 6 foot ($35) and 3 foot ($30)

Hey I might be interested in the Saturn and PS1 cables.

Thanks for the interest, sent you a PM

Did anyone buy the PS1 cable yet?

Not yet, shoot me an IM if you’re interested

I don’t think I can message you. Maybe I’m too new?

I’ll try to send you a PM

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Thanks Socks!

Thank you!

Just gonna give it a bump, almost sold out of my extras

Bumping, got a few extras to unload and updated the OP