WTS: PC Engine CoreGrafx RGB Setup (Everdrive + dbGrafxBooster)


I’ve already got it listed on eBay so I hope external links are allowed. Asking $290 or best offer for everything. If you submit an offer let me know if you’re from RGB so I can leave you feedback here!

Boxed CoreGrafx model in nice condition (some damage to the box styrofoam though). Controller is in good shape, even still has the factory plastic peel to protect to the smooth surface plastic.

Included is a Genesis 2 SCART cable from retro_console_accessories on eBay, a Turbo Everdrive 2.4, and a GrafxBooster with enclosure from dB-electronics. The GrafxBooster comes in an enclosure but I had to use a Dremel tool for a better fit. All the relevant pics are in the eBay listing but I can repost here if needed.

Unfortunately I only ship to the contiguous 48 states in the US.

Thanks for looking.

There’s an eBay coupon that’s good today 3/9 only until 8PM PST for 20% off anything (use code PSPRING20). Brings the max price down to $232 for the bundle (or less with a best offer) in case anyone is on the fence. This is a great set of items for anyone looking to get started with PCE and has an OSSC or PVM.

I hope someone buys it! To anyone here, it’s worth noting that there was recently released an optical drive emulator that only works with the non-CD PCE/TurboGrafx units such as this one, and it supports playing both hucards and CD ISOs from SD card.


It’s not cheap, though.

If I saw this earlier I might have jumped in but I just bought another saturn and my code isn’t valid anymore.

Yeah sadly one-time use, but I think you can apply it to multiple things from different sellers as long as all items are in your cart at the time you use the coupon.

Since this has been sold, I’ve locked the thread. Hopefully the new owner enjoys that PC Engine!