Mid-Atlantic RGB: Old Bay, Old Games


Central VA here! Guess I’m in the south tho :stuck_out_tongue:


Philadelphia reporting for duty, sir. Anybody else within city limits?


This is a cool thread. Does anyone here plan on going to Too many Games?

I’m in the northern virginia area, as well.

I have a big-ass sony CRT (not rgb) for sale if anyone wants it. 36", 180lbs lol.


I feel you. I grew up off Rolling Road, on the other side of the beltway. I remember when starland was on one side of the strip mall, and then moved to the other side of the “L”. There was a pizza place right next to it where you could get a slice. It was the first place i ever saw a neo geo.


What is the model number? I’m looking for a FV310.

I’ve wanted to hit up Too Many Games for a couple of years now but haven’t done it yet. People always tell me how great it is at MAGfest.

Was a bunch of cool independent game stores in the area that have come and gone over the years, but I’m sure that is true of every area. I like that Starland found a way to stay around even if I don’t shop there that often.


I’ve got to Too Many Games for the last few years, and its really good. Will probably go again this year. I think this year I’ll be doing Too Many Games, and AVGC here in NJ, which is getting to be huge.


Ha! I was at the original Too Many Games at The Inn at Reading many years ago. It is certainly a much different event now than that first year! I will try to get there myself as Oaks is just down the road near my college alma mater of Ursinus College.


Never heard of it until this year, thus never been. Looks like it’s about a 3hr drive from me. My wife has family in Philly so maybe we can make a trip of it and I can go check it out this year.


Unfortunately, it’s not one of those models. Mine is a KV-32S26


Thought I’d chime in. Just joined up yesterday. I live in Frederick MD. Been a retro gamer for years. Finally got into the high def and RGB stuff a little while back. Good to see there are more of us on here.


Talked to my wife and we worked out a Philly trip the weekend of Too Many Games, so I’ll be there so long as nothing comes up!