480i Emulated then downsampled to 240p outputed to crt

Has anyone with an rgb equipped/modded pc(or simmilar), emulated say ps2 game at a high resolution and then downsampled them to 240p and then outputted through rgb to an crt?

i would be interesting to see how it would look if at all possible.

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That’s something I’d like to see too.

There are some downsampled vids of PSX games around the net but none that I’ve seen that output to a CRT.

This technique is called Supersampling. It’s a form of antialiasing and the resulting image will capture more sub-pixel detail in the process.

I’m interested to see it on a CRT.

This video has a bunch of games shown three times: at native, native plus antialiasing, Supersampled

PS4 Pro offers it as an video output option for modern games.