480i Screenshot thread of two fields become one

A shutter speed of 1/30 second will capture both fields. Might still see some ‘saw-toothing’ on fast moving scenes though

10" Slot Mask - Crazy Taxi - Dreamcast RGB 480i


I see now why 1/60 makes it look like 240p. I’ll try 1/30

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Cheers! Don’t seem to have that option on the app I use for iPhone with slow shutter speed but maybe 1/8 will work fine

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IIRC you need to use a custom camera app to get 1/30 most are free to try but paid

I was using “Slow Shutter”, I’ll check out alternatives as that one didn’t have 1/30!

RE4 GC on CRT Trinitron, 480i RGB.


DOA Beach Volleyball on JVC D Series