A Mini VG Collection Photo Shoot

Wasn’t sure where to put these but I can across them and wanted to share.

The album at the end of this post contains photographs I took of a portion of my collection as part of a school project many years ago.

These photos were taken using a 4x5 Camera

On a plexi sweep

And the negatives were then scanned and color adjusted on the PC.

Hope someone finds them interesting.

4x5 Game Photos


Fancy! I especially like the one where a ton of stuff is piled up. Great stuff!

I like this one

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sometimes I use the single console shots as desktop backgrounds. They work nicely for that.

yeah, that’s the one I was talking about!

I’m a total pants-photographer, and have maximum respect for good ones (like you, obviously). Love the project too, nostalgia factor through the roof.

Should you ever revive it with new shots, can I offocially request a design photo of the Mega Drive tower of power? :smile:

It looks like alien Scarlett Johansson is about to consume their souls…

I appreciate this, these most hipsterist video game photos I’ve ever laid eyes on.