Any of your friends/acquaintances into the retro scene as well?


Ha! I should store my stuff away, then progressively move it back in once we’re settled


That’s a great idea. It’s too expensive for her to leave me and my stack of CRTs now !(divorce is expensive)


She would get half the CRTs >_>


Don’t cut your CRTs in half, people :frowning:


I have this odd feeling that she wouldn’t want them.


One of my really good friends from my hometown (who also posts here but not as frequently) loves the retro scene like me. We often hang out and talk about retro games and modding. Aside from that, the rest of my friends only ever discuss retro games from a nostalgia perspective.


I have one friend who also collects and plays retro games. He’s mainly into SNES games but has a pretty big collection of all kinds of consoles. He recently bought a Super NT and SD2SNES.

Another friend was pretty big into retro games but stopped a few years ago. Still has a sizable collection but stopped buying new games. He mostly plays PC nowadays but thinks emulators are good enough when it comes to retro gaming. Naturally I disagree :wink:

My closest friend used to play retro games but sold his collection 10 or so years ago because he lost interest. We sometimes play retro games but usually play modern games, which is fun too.


Small update on the GF front. When she first came into my place, she was dumbfounded by the number of screens. “Why do you have so many screens?” she asked. I had to tell her that this one was for the computer (21" VGA monitor), that one was for old video games (21" TV on the same desk), and that one was for watching films (massive 32" widescreen HD CRT). The last one is normally used for Wii/PS2/Xbox, but I’m suddenly watching a lot more films on it :sweat_smile:. Good thing the DVD player was still connected to it! The other monitors will have to wait a bit in storage haha.


I have a lot of friends who game, and some can play some retro games with me, but none of them are in the rabbit hole the way i am.