What are your Retro Resolutions for the New Years.

Retro gaming can be expensive. Bespoke scart switches, avoiding bootlegs, buying items that have limited stock. However, I’ve noticed if I’m patient, the hobby is much more fun and easier on the wallet. This is why I take a slow approach and plan by the year.

Given that, what are your Retro resolutions? Finally getting a copy of Panzer Dragoon SAGA? Getting a Framemeister or OSSC?

My retro resolution:
Get SFC, Genesis, and Saturn
Buy 5 games for each
Get a component Switcher

Long-term plans, beyond year:

My new year’s retro resolution is to buy an OSSC and get my Famicom AV RGB modded and get my N64 RGB modded with Tim’s board and have the anti-blur switch installed too. Was going to do that before xmas but I’m currently saving up for something more important so this had to take the backseat. Would love to also get a boxed NTSC copy of Sunset Riders on SNES but eh, we’ll see.

In 2018 I’m going to focus on the last of the hardware I want but don’t own such as a WonderSwan Crystal, Atari Lynx, etc. I’m also going to purchase two more Everdrives and focus on completing gaming subsets such as all of the Super Famicom Goemon games.

Simple for me: play more retro games. I have a bunch across generations that I haven’t played or only briefly played.

Potential purchases: Super NT, Genesis and/or Game Boy Advance Everdrives on black Friday (decided to pass on it this year).

Well, I’m a huge Star Trek fan but never got the chance to play any games outside of Star Trek Online. So yeah, I plan to play all the ones I can get my hands on (already got all the ones available digitally + a few CDs).

Last year my resolution was to stop buying games and play more of the ones I already own. That was the best resolution to have and worked out well for me.

This year, my goal is to upgrade my retro gaming setup in ways other than buying retro games/hardware. Basically, redecorating my living room in general to make it a better place to be by upgrading the following:

And overall comfort.

I already bought shelves for my games and seating. So now I’m working on the overall comfort thing as well as creating a custom cabinet to better show off all my consoles currently hooked up.

My collection outgrew my aesthetics to grotesque proportions (seriously I had games in my broom closet and kitchen). So now the idea is for the aesthetics to catch up and make my home feel like a home again

By the way, I have one more retro gaming resolution that is not focused on my setup. In fact, it’s a far more important resolution.

I want Retro Game Boards to be amazing. And my resolution is to do everything in my power to make it so.

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I will not back down. This Neo Geo shit? We in deep. I ain’t coming back.

make a CMVS
make a custom MVS cartridge shell
make a supergun
make custom housings for all my PCBs
get into Genesis
get into Saturn
get into Dreamcast

Last year it was to complete my US N64 funtastic collection which I did. As well as just keep finishing games not really picking up anything new. So this year will be the same approach. Several games have been on my list to beat like Batman NES and Contra Hard Corp. Both I completed this year and were very satisfying when I did. So yeah. I’ll just keep playing.

Super Nt is on my radar. Probably pick up one of those.

I want to 1CC something in 2018. Like legit be able to 1CC it at will. I am not 100% sure what game that will be yet, but I’m playing a lot of shooters and beat 'em ups lately to figure that out!

I’ve always been a survey gamer, and it served me really well for all the years I was a writer for magazines and websites, but those days are gone so I really want to play what I want to play now. More than ever I’m doing that daily. I love arcade games of all stripes and I still have the skill and reflexes at 45 to get it done so a 1CC is going to happen.

Other than that, I’ll keep opportunity collecting. I’m so fortunate to have great indie stores near me to shop around. Complete In Box in Ephrata, Just Press Play in Lancaster and York, and lots more I’ve snooped around in throughout central and southeastern PA have helped me build an awesome collection. I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

Also, I need another trip to Funspot in 2018. :slight_smile:

I don’t have any set retro resolutions but I’m thinking of replaying these:

Fallout (PC)
Street Fighter: 2010 (NES)
Bonk games (TG16)
Moonwalker (Gen)
Spiderman (Gen)
Toki (Lynx)
Resident Evil 2 (PS1 on Vita)
Vandal Hearts (PS1)
Axelay (SNES)
D/Generation (Amiga CD32)
Metal Slug 2nd Mission (NGPC)

I’m trying to keep my retro resolution simple:

Get more Saturn games.


Play Saturn games.

Play more non-Switch games. That one system has basically consumed most of my year and caused me to neglect my retro gaming! I had a fantastic pace before BOTW and the succession of Switch releases and online Splatoon derailed it!

Combine and organize my CRT/retro setup and my modern console/HDTV setup into one cohesive unit with all my systems and games in order.

Related to the first point: spend less and play what I already have in my massive backlog.

Long term resolution: move to a bigger place, and have a spare room with at least a gaming corner and a decked out virtual pinball machine.

Nothing wrong with playing those Switch games! It’s been a banner year for Nintendo. I kinda hate that I haven’t put as much time into ARMS and Splatoon 2 as I should have!

I think my Splatoon 2 play time just surpassed BOTW. But considering how often I idled on Zelda while doing other stuff IRL, yeah, I have definitely spent more time actively playing Splatoon. It’s crazy cuz I dropped S1 after about a month and only one or two Splatfests, before Rainmaker was even added. Getting the Hori dock this past week has only dug me deeper into S2, as handheld mode is a pain and I avoided it.

Don’t take it the wrong way – I’m having a blast with the Switch but I didn’t anticipate being so hooked. I thought Zelda would only hold my attention for 10-15 hours before I forced myself to the ending, and then a likely drought would compel me back to my retro backlog. That never happened! The sad part is that I completely missed out on PS2, picked up a ton of great PS2 games this past year and haven’t had a moment for any of them…

I recently played through Resident Evil 1 & 2 over a few weekends. PSone s-video on a 32" crt. I had so much fun, was such a great time. I was worried they might not have aged all that well (my step son walked in once and said “OMG what is that?! It looks like garbage!”) I lol’d at his impression. Turns out, I still really enjoyed the low-poly models and pre-rendered backgrounds (have not played these in years). Actually felt like they haven’t aged badly at all. Also, I never did mind “tank controls” back in the day, and I adjusted pretty quickly to them again. I’m actually looking forward to playing through RE2 2nd scenario sometime soon and then play through RE3.

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I plan on redoing my gameroom/office. Going to to custom built in cabinets and desks. I am going to gut the closet and build a tv stand capable of housing a few CRTs and 1 HDTV with all my game consoles under it. Will be putting shelving in the closet for storage and display.

Finish off rebuying my childhood SNES collection and box them in Custom Game Cases.

Get a Super NT

Get that HDMI GBA kit.

See about getting into PCE & Saturn depending on how the Rom carts work out.

Selling a bunch of stuff that doesn’t get played much. Converting some to gifts. Getting rid of one or two arcade cabs.

Basically thinning out the herd.

What cabs are you unloading?