Anyone else find it ironic that we have achievements on a retro game forum?


My bad…

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Irony is retro though…


It’s the current gen remastered re-release with trophy/achievement support and DLC.


I can’t help but be a high achiever.

Can you replace it a with score counter? I’m going for the counter stop.

Charge your phone.

I like it honestly lol.

Don’t forget full wide screen support. :grinning:

Can’t wait for the “Badge Collecting |OT|” to pop up up order to help all the achievement hunters on the site.

I have so many badges!

Nintendo needs to get in on this.

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Next step is loot boxes!


Yes, we’ve kept the original sprites intact, but have stretched them out so that it takes advantage of the real estate afforded by modern displays!

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Don’t worry everyone, we have heard you and can confirm… loot boxes are coming.

Sorry I stole your joke socks.

Hah, true that we would never see this in many “Retro” games as they are today… Eventually the games with achievements and badges will seem retro… so we’re just ahead of the curve

I know it’s funny to joke about, but I think adding trophies or achievements to older titles is a great way to make them more currently relevant. I like what Retroarch did to that effect. It mostly causes one to up their game, much like scores did back in my childhood.

Pacman on the 2600 may not have had an ending, but I played that until my eyes could work no longer to beat the crap out of my neighbors scores. Be able to best my dad’s friend was an achievement for me back then.