RGB High Score Battles - Checking for interest

Are you guys ready to bring back high score battles? The cold weather up here in Alberta has me thinning about it again.

Let me know what you think by voting and commenting!

Should RGB High Score Battles come back?

  • Yes, I’m ready!
  • No, I’m not ready yet, but I will be in winter.
  • No, not interested at all.

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This should definitely come back. It was awesome.

Small suggestion though:

Can we keep the challenges short though so a lot of people participate? Something like a single level in a game or something that takes 5-10 minutes rather than a contest that requires an hour or two of investment? And in games that are fairly common so that people don’t need to go through much effort to participate?

I feel like the moment someone introduces an obscure title, it kills the participation. So whoever is responsible for picking the game should offer up a bunch of choices and choose the one they that is mostly likely to have a lot of participants based on feedback.

In fact, the amount of people who participate in a game you’ve chosen should be tracked - and we should compete on that basis.

And we should also stack the choices a few weeks in advance with staggered “due dates” so everyone has a chance to participate in multiple challenges. A one week turn around can be a bit tough. If we can be more lenient on that, and have 2 or so challenges going at the same time, it would be great.

Finally, one more suggestion:

Each challenge should be its own thread, and we should have one thread as a master scheduling / score keeping thread to track the rest. That would make things much easier too.

All of these are just suggestions. Rask (and everyone else), I leave it fully in your hands. Feel free to disregard.

Fuck that noise. Fist game, full clear of Katamari Damacy. Rated on both comet times and maximum size on each level with required recorded verification.

The most participated in challenges were I think the shortest and easiest to take that one more try on. Pac-Man Championship Edition… F-Zero… Sega Rally… Space Invaders… I think those were the best and most attended?

Something like NES Castlevania or Super Castlevania IV, no continues, might be a fun thing to try in October?

I am doing the high score contest with my discord retro group. The current game is Final Fight, and competition is fierce.

And I’m in.