RGB High Scores Battle Voting: Week 9

SAKY won last week and indicated that this week will be chosen by the community.

Give me your suggestions for this week’s game, and I’ll put up a poll for it at the end of the day.

  • Mario 64, bob-omb battlefield, race against Koopa
  • Katamari Damacy
  • Balloon Fight
  • Galaga Legions DX
  • Outrun

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Mario 64, bob-omb battlefield, race against Koopa the quick. Fastest time wins.

Katamari Damacy. One of the later levels that doesn’t also have an eternal version, so lets say make a star 7 or 9?

I’d be down for this, although I prefer the physics of We Love Katamari.

Both games are total classics.

I have never played this game. Would I have to play through a bunch of the game to get to one of these later levels?

I’ll put my suggestion in as Balloon Fight for NES

Yes, so that would be another benefit of doing a later level, more people having played one of the very few “perfect” video games. :3

I honestly don’t know what levels would be best for a compitition like this. Just know that the first levels are rather limited and the levels with eternals you can get to a point where you are just rolling up nothing at the end, since that is basically how you unlock the eternal version of them. Guess I could have given it a quick play through before suggesting it, but fuck da police.

I think early levels in games not locked behind a ton of content is best for something like this.

I’m down for any of those! Would love to give KD a good shot , though. I like Peltz’s idea of using a middle level. Not the first one or two but any after that.

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Voting for this.

Also, I wonder if we can send our results privately from now on instead of publically for suspense and anticipation.

There really isn’t a lot of content, 10 make a star (well 9 and then moon, but moon is a 25 minute level and has an eternal version) levels that you just beat the previous one with the minimum requirement to progress. Actually don’t remember if the constellations are required to unlock make a stars, but I don’t think so.

Either way though, I’m not really going to push for it if there isn’t a desire. I would however say go for a later level if the game is chosen because the early ones are really short and limited, as fun as they are.

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I have never played Galaga Legions (or the DX version) before. Are these games any good?

Could be a good choice being that Pac-Man CE DX seemed to be popular here a few weeks ago.

I like the Balloon Fight suggestion. Balloon Trip?

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How about Outrun? Best high score. Can be played on Genny, 3DS or Saturn.

Also down for this. Balloon Trip for sure if we do it. A great way to mark the passing of the torch to the real successor to Mr Iwata at Nintendo.

Day is near the end, I’ll create the pool now. We can tally results around noon tomorrow so we can get playing.

Have Balloon Fight on 3DS, so I’m down for it