Arcade Check-in

When I was in Kyushu I didn’t find any interesting arcades in the rural areas (there was one shopping mall in Yatsushiro with the most banal Taito Station I’d ever set foot in) but there were a couple of interesting places of note in Fukuoka:

  • The retro store Culture Arts (that one in an apartment block I posted last month) had a bunch of arcade cabs around the back. 50 yen a go on all of them, I remember Gradius II, Twinkle Star Sprites and Esprade being there

  • The Sega Arcade that reopened in Tenjin after over a decade had some retro games on the top floor, but they were all scandalously priced except Virtual-On OT: 200 yen a go. But there was a good selection of stuff: Sky Target, Manx TT Super Bike, OutRun, OutRun 2, Daytona USA, Scud Race.

I spent some time in Culture Arts when I was in Japan recently. Great place although a tad disorganized. Someone was hogging Gradius though.

You sum it up perfectly. I had to keep bothering the owner asking if he had x or y game in stock and he was very helpful - he knew exactly where to look! He seemed impressed when I told him I had a Virtual Boy after seeing one on his shelf haha.

Kinda wish I thought of a way to bring this home.




Hahaha, that’s funny! :slight_smile:
Where in Japan do you guys live?

This is at a shop in an apartment complex in Fukuoka called Culture Arts.

Looks like an awesome place… Reminds me of some of the mom and pop stores I used to frequent regularly when I lived in Osaka a long time ago.

Thanks for sharing that pic, brought back great memories! :slight_smile:

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Here’s the other two photos I took while I was there.

Thanks for sharing @Laevateinn.

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