Auto-scrolling levels like/dislike?

I’m playing through Sonic 1 on the Master System and the Bridge level made me think about how much I really dislike auto-scrolling levels. Almost as much as any water levels in 8 or 16 bit… almost. One of the things I dread when I play Mario 3 is slogging through those ships. Anyone else dislike them, or do they not bother you?

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I suppose I’m generally not a fan, but I gotta say I enjoy the carpet/lava level in Aladdin for some reason.

On the SNES? Because that’s pretty easy

That’s the one!

So wait, Is difficulty a factor in this discussion? Are you saying you dislike difficult auto scrollers or do you dislike them in general?

I dislike them in general. I feel that even though some maybe easy, they just kill any flow the game has.

I don’t mind them if they are fair.

There’s an autoscrolling boss fight in the new metroid that is made absolutely infuriating thanks to the poor controls.

Never played one that dragged down an otherwise good game. The ones in late Mario 3 are some of its best stages.

I grew up playing games like BC’s Quest For Tires and Aztec Challenge so games designed entirely around the concept are cool with me.

I’m not the biggest fan of them being thrown into mostly non-auto games but they didn’t bother me much in SMS Sonic 1 or SMB3. Those ones didn’t resort to feeling unfair.

It really depends on the game. I like the way they are handled in Mario games and thought that Super Mario 3 in particular was very innovative for introducing it into the mix.

In fact, I can’t recall ever groaning because an auto scrolling level was coming up. To me, they’re just like any other level. They’re just another type of challenge used to introduce variety.

Like any other mechanic, it can be implemented masterfully or poorly.

I’m the same, love that carpet level heh. I think maybe if you’re auto moving it’s better somehow? But if you’re having to run along to keep up it can get annoying.

I like the auto scrolling levels in Mario games or the ones where you need to keep up on a moving platform. Nice shakeup from the regular stages.

I generally dislike them. After being really familiar with a game (ie: Yoshi’s Island) I tend to want to speedrun them and auto scrollers really interfere with that need/compulsion to go fast

Donkey Kong Country Returns comes to mind when you’re out running the mass of spiders.

They stress me out and make me play clumsy. I guess that’s the point and they are fairly standard platformer variation. I’ve got used to them and water levels, ugh, but yeah not a fan!

I’m mixed on them. Normally I don’t like them, but there are things that can spice them up. Mario 3 had the “get every coin for a secret” thing going on in a lot of it’s auto scrollers which was enjoyable, but they could still be pretty slow and a slog if you have to do them over and over.

[quote=“ResidentDante, post:14, topic:461, full:true”]
They stress me out and make me play clumsy. I guess that’s the point and they are fairly standard platformer variation.[/quote]

Same here

While not technically a scrolling level, getting the skateboard in Wonder Boy is always super stressful, and super rewarding when you manage to get to the end without falling into a pit or stumbling on a rock.

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The forced scrolling adds I find a bit of tension to the gameplay too. So I dislike it somewhat. In the arcade wonderboy games I don’t mind it.