Recommend me some 3DS games

Gonna get a N3DS soon. Never owned one before. Looking for some thoughts on games a retro lover would like. Doesn’t have be only retro-styled games, but they should be games that are pretty pick-up-and-play (which is one reason I like old games). I’m not going to have time or attention span for long RPGs, for example. I am also not too concerned with VC games right now. Looking for actual 3DS software or ports with 3D where the 3D really makes it kick ass.

It’ll have Mario 3D Land pre-loaded, which is definitely a game I want to play. Here’s some others I’m eyeing, to give you an idea…

NES Remix 1 & 2
Sega 3D Classics Collection
Super Mario Maker
Kid Icarus Uprising
Zelda Link Between Worlds
Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies
Rhythm Heaven Megamix

(Sorry to do a lame “recommend me” thread … appreciate RGB’s thoughts!)

Cracks Fingers…

Retro and Retro inspired games

Ultimate NES Remix is fantastic. I 100%'d that game.
Sega 3D Classics Collection is pretty good. I bought most of them Digitally because that wasn’t available yet.
Shovel Knight and Mega Man Legacy Collection
Ocarina and Majora are my favorite versions of the games.

Action & Platformers

Kirby Planet Robobot is my favorite Kirby game since the SNES days
Super Mario 3D Land
Metroid Samus Returns is OK, I guess. I am only down on it because I loved AM2R infinitely more. I think the controls are not good and I didn’t care for the Melee as it was required in EVERY thing you did in the game.
Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon really does a great job with 3D.

RPGs & Strategy

DQ7 & 8 if you are in the Dragon Quest games.
Bravely Default, its amazing the 1st time through but like Ghouls & Ghosts you are going to have to repeat it to beat it.
Fire Emblem series is great. I recommend Awakening because its a complete package but the other two games are legit.
Xenoblade Chronicles. Its one of the only games that takes advantage of the extra power in the New 3DS.
Radiant Historia - Its a port of an excellent DS game. Better production value. I highly recommend this one.
Mario & Luigi: Super Star Saga
Ever Oasis (from the creator of Secret of Mana games)

Deep Cuts

Codename Steam - Fire Emblem’s developer in this weird XCOM meets American Folklore where Abe Lincoln is fighting an Alien Invasion. Its been patched and the enemy’s turn is no longer annoying.
Rhythm Thief - Sega + Rhythm = Win
Fantasy Life - its a weird mix of rpg and Animal Crossing (oh yeah, Animal Crossing is Animal Crossing, if that is your thing).

Download Only

Box Boy Series is really good
Ace Attorney Trilogy and Sequels
Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse (i think it got a physical copy)
Mighty Switch Force
Azure Striker Gunvolt (its on Switch, might as well get it there).

I left some of the things you already mentioned off the list but I think that is all I got. Hope that helps.

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Awesome! I didn’t know about the Sega rhythm game. I am so bummed there is no updated take on Elite Beat Agents… :frowning:

What’s the difference between NES Remix 1&2 and Ultimate?

Ultimate is the collection on 1 Cart. I think 1 and 2 are eShop only or maybe Wii U eShop.

The 3DS is very close to being my all time favorite handheld system. Kawika made some great recommendations. I’ll echo the Shovel Knight suggestion - make sure you play with the 3d turned on and all the way up, the game looks amazing with the 3d effect.

If Final Fantasy is your thing, and you like rhythm games, check out Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call. I had a lot of fun with it and is very much “pick up and play” when you want.

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Super Mario 3D Land is maybe my favorite Mario game.

Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is also absolutely spectacular.

For JRPGs, Shin Megami Tensei IV was pretty great in my humble opinion.

And fortunately, you already have Kid Icaris Uprising on your list. It’s hype as hell.

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By the way, I really recommend Mario Kart 7. Until I played MK8 it was my favorite game in the series.

And in some ways it’s equal in quality to MK8. It also has the best 3D effect on the system in glorious 60fps.

In many ways MK7 is a showcase for the hardware as much as MK8 was a showcase for the Wii U and Switch respectively. It’s really well done.

I always recommend Crash City Mayhem (aka Runabout 3D) and Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy if you’re itching for new entries in either series. Ridge Racer 3D is also worth a spin if you haven’t played the PSP versions.

Finally, the Steamworld series feel perfect on the 3DS.

Super Mario 3D Land should be in everyone’s 3DS collection. It is fantastic.

For 3D effect, I highly recommend Ridge Racer 3D. I love how that looks on my New Nintendo 3DS XL.

Sega 3D Classics Collection is excellent, but you should also look into Shinobi III 3D, Streets of Rage 2 3D, etc. The downloadables are just as good as what’s in the collection. OutRun 3D is incredible too.

Have you played Donkey Kong Country Returns? If not, get the 3D version on 3DS.

You prefer this version over the Wii version? I’m curious as to why. I never played this game.

I don’t believe he’s saying he prefers it over the Wii version.

It’s 30fps but no waggle so depends on how much you want 60fps or how much you hate waggle

Edit: @Radarscope1 this is a great list that I agree with:

Thanks for recs on Ridge Racer and MK7. I wasn’t thinking about MK7 since I have 8 on Switch but if the 3D is killer than I’ll think about it. I looooove RR and did not play the PSP games so that’s now on my radar as well.

Can someone explain the Sega 3D classic release situation to me? So only some of them were put on the collection cart and others were left as digital only??? I’d love to have those digitally anyway, I guess, because I’d probably always want them on the system to pick up and play.

Correct. To get the full collection of Sega 3D releases you’ll have to buy many digitally and then the rest are on the 3D Classics Collection. They never bothered to pack up all the digital releases onto a second cart release.

Ridge Racer 3D with the OG 3DS wasn’t as good mainly because you really needed to keep your eyes at the right distance to enjoy the effect and moving at all could ruin it. With the way the new model tracks your eyes, that’s no longer an issue and I think it’s just a superb racer.

@Peltz and @Socksfelloff I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it over the Wii version, but it does have an extra world IIRC and while it’s 30fps, it totally plays great on the 3DS. If you’ve never played it, you’ll love it.

Does anyone know if IPS replacement screens are legit from ebay? I want to get a dual IPS (I have a single IPS screen).

That reminds me I need to check and see if I won the IPS screen lottery.

Do non-XL ads systems have IPS screens?

I haven’t seen it mentioned yet but I highly recommend Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, even if you’ve already played the N64 original. It’s a wonderful remaster that improves on the original in every way, and it makes excellent use of the 3D effect as well.

Have played it but ya know that one never gets old. I have never played Majora. Both are on my maybe list.

Get Majora. I didn’t care for it on the N64 but on the 3DS it became one of my all time favorites. Its a really unique game and I beat it all without consulting a guide. Took me a LOOONG time but was worth it.

I like both those games more on N64.