New002's Boring AF YouTube Channel [Playthroughs, No Commentary]

Finally got all my capture stuff squared away and figured out. Thank you to everyone that helped me out with that.

This thread may be premature, because given what I know about myself I may drop this like a bad habit in a week, but hopefully not!

I’m kind of using the capturing and uploading as motivation to get in there and actually play some games.

I will be capturing gameplay sessions and playthroughs of whatever catches my fancy, primarily in the retro world. There will be no outros, no intros, no effects, no commentary, etc. Just straight up gameplay of me and my buddies (if co-op) doing our best to get through some games.

Some stuff currently on the agenda:
Aladdin (SNES)
Aladdin (GEN)
Popful Mail (Sega CD)
Secret of Mana Co-Op (SNES)

(TMNT & Hyperstone playthroughs deleted. Aspect ratio issues. Will post again when new recordings are up)


My plan going forward is to schedule uploads for every Monday at 8am. These uploads will be anything completed the week prior.

I’ll also now be including some thoughts/musings at the end of the video description for anyone that’s interested.


I’m glad we have another retro gamer here who makes Youtube vids as well, playthroughs of retro games even. I hope you continue this for a while.

Haha we shall seeeee. I’ve got a list of games I wanna get through which I keep adding to as I think of something. May be in over my head but what the heck. LET’S GOOOOOOO.

Three new playthroughs just went live.

My plan going forward is to schedule uploads for every Monday at 8am. These uploads will be anything completed the week prior.

I’ll also now be including some thoughts/musings at the end of the video description for anyone that’s interested.


(GB) Super Mario Land Playthrough
Interesting unintentional glitch at 11:52 that I think I’ve seen used in speedruns of other Mario games.


(GB) Kirby’s Dream Land Playthrough
I forgot how amazing the music was ;_;


(GB) Mortal Kombat Playthrough
This game is a tragedy.

Mortal Kombat on GB seems so bad, lol.

I was raging so hard lol. That was like my 4th playthrough and I just made it with 1 continue to spare I think.

If you read the video description I chat about how the special moves work. It’s truly a nightmare.

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I remember when that came out while working at Electronics Boutique. I had to warn people off but most just didn’t care. It was hand held MK!

I can see that. I remember playing it myself as a kid at recess and thinking omg handheld MK this is awesome!

The Tiger Handheld version was better than this.

Playthroughs with no commentary are my catnip.

As soon as someone says ‘hey guys’ I close the tab. I JUST WANTED TO SEE THE GAME.

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It depends for me, sometimes I watch no commentary playthrough vids, but I often watch them with commentary nowadays, definitely if the person is interesting or entertaining.

Also, that sounds ridiculous New002, I don’t think I would want to play Mortal Kombat on Game Boy.


I don’t think I would do that, I would probably add a Thanks for watching bit at the end of my vids, but that’s as far as I would go!

“Sup YouTube? It’s yah boi xxx”

I agree completely. Nothing worst than having someone scream into the microphone when they get hit, scared or just die.

Upload for this week is up!

(GB) Kid Dracula Playthrough [60FPS]


Thoughts/Musings (Also in video description)

I hadn’t played this game before prior to last week. I did some practice runs before capturing to make sure my video wasn’t the worst and most painful thing to sit through.

I was really impressed by this game. I guess my personal direct comparison, based simple on what I’ve played, is Super Mario Land 1, and Kid Dracula is such a leap ahead of that from a technical standpoint. That’s to be expected given that SML1 was a launch title.

This game has beautifully large and detailed sprites, with some fun animations. I love the expression on Kid Dracula when the scene transitions and he wraps his cloud around himself. I also like how his little headshot on the bottom of the screen changes when he is is fully powered up. There are just lots of little details in the animations overall that I really enjoyed.

The levels are solid and feature some really interesting and impressive mechanics given that it’s all happening on a GB! The boss battle featuring the bomb mechanic to hit blocks back and forth I thought was especially cool. I blame my lack of time spent with the GB library but I was really blown away by what was possible.

I imagine when I dig into The Super Mario Land sequels and things like Wario I’ll find them to be similar in quality and executions, at least in the sense of how much of a leap they are over a launch title like SML1.

I definitely recommend playing this game if you’re a platformer fan.

Good luck with your channel. I toyed with the idea of just doing live videos of me playing games but never really did much with it.

Oh wow, really? That would be cool for you to do.

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Thanks! A big reason I created the channel was for it to act as a source of motivation for me to buckle down and actually play some retro games! In that regard it’s been a success :smiley: Hopefully it keeps me motivated and gaming.

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Another upload for this week!

(SNES) Disney’s Aladdin Playthrough [60FPS]


Thoughts/Musings (Also in video description)

This is another game I grew up playing but haven’t really played since. It still holds up so, so well.

Everything about this game is rock solid. The music, the graphics, the animation…it’s all so good. Playing the game is a treat. The gameplay is super smooth and the mechanics just work. I never felt like anything was janky or that a damage or death taken was the fault of the game.

I’ve never played the Genesis version before so I’ll be tackling that one soon. I’ll be interested to see how they compare.

I played both SNES and Genesis ones…completely different games. Genesis does have the sword and better animation though, but it’s a tougher game.