Best place to buy a PSP 3000 battery currently?

Just wondering if anyone has any recent experience buying a PSP 3000 battery and can recommend any in particular? Original already swelled and binned, and I’ve got a friends PSP that is acting up and needs a new decent battery too. She bought a couple of stinkers that died real fast so hoping to get one that performs decently rather than going the cheapest route possible.

Thanks in advance!

I ordered a preowned official PSP S-110 battery four years ago from eBay and it’s still going strong, for what it’s worth. I might have gotten lucky though.

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Tomee makes replacement PSP batteries for 2000 and 3000 series, as well as aftermarket power adapters. I know Amazon carries them, and I assume some other online places do, as well.


I just remembered the Monster Hunter 3rd PSP-3000 I bought last year came with a branded third party battery, and it’s turned in similar results to my official one, so I’ve made a note to check it out and report back the brand.


Thank you both - I’ll check out those options and check back for more info too :slight_smile:

Here it is!


Awesome, thank you!

You’re welcome! I’d forgotten I had a third party battery until this thread, which probably says a lot about how similar it performs to the official one in my other PSP-3000. Hope you manage to get your hands on one!

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That’s good to hear! Thank you.