Anyone have/use power supplies from

I’d like to move more of my systems away from their old giant wall wart plugs. I have a trio from that I’ve been really happy with for my Sega Genesis Model 2, Sega CD2, and 32X. I’m considering getting more from him but they’re expensive. I’ve seen on the net a few times but I have no experience with them. Even though the shipping would be coming from France, they’re significantly cheaper.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them good or bad?

Are they just as good of a product for half the price, or is it you get what you pay for? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

I have four power supplies from RetroGameSupply, including a 3-in-1 Sega Genesis/CD/32x. All four have been phenomenal, and I’ve seen no issues with performance or any interference.

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Thanks for the feedback! I had one other question I kind of just realized, are the PSUs labeled in any way? I’m looking at ordering 3 or 4 of them at once, but the pictures all kind of look exactly the same and I was worried about telling them apart.

Got one for my PC engine Briefcase unit. Seems to work great.

I recently got an order with both PC Engine and SNES PSUs, and I don’t think they were labled. In that case it was easy to tell since they’re different plugs, but you may want to shoot them an email when you order if you’re getting multiples.

:confused: I don’t like that, specially since the ones I’d be ordering all have similar sized and shaped plugs but with different polarities and could easily fuck up the system if plugged into the wrong one. Shit now I think it may be worth it for the Retrogamecave ones just because they’re all clearly labeled what system they’re for.

I use their Megadrive/SegaCD/32X plug (for obvious reasons) and had no problems. Shipping was reasonable too.

That you folks for once again providing me with valuable information. This had never occurred to me although it really should have done. Looking forward to making some more room for myself, especially the brick-like ones I have around the place.

I’m hoping a dual plug for the Analogue NT Mini and the Famicom Disk System gets made.

I had no idea these “dual plugs” existed. I’m definitely grabbing the Famicom/FDS one.

I love the trio I have for my Genesis set up. Specially when I’ve got 20 something systems plugged in, one system taking up 3 outlets was ridiculous.

I found out about them from the retro community on gaf, and was immediately shocked that it didn’t occur to me previously. Of course you only ever need the Duo for Genesis since no one should have a 32x set up.

So when you buy the “us version” plugs for Japanese consoles, is a step down converter still recommended? Or does it do the power correctly automatically?

I’d love to get rid of my step down converter so buying this would be amazing if it lets me do that.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe you should be fine. I use a US Version PSU on my Japanese AV Famicom and PC Engine without any other equipment totally fine. From their website:

“Being a modern switching power supply, you don’t need to use a step-down transformer or worry about the main voltage of your country (110V, 230V, …).”

THEM’S FIGHTING WORDS. We’ll settle this with a round of Cosmic Carnage:

Hey! I kinda liked Star Wars on 32X.