WTB: OEM Sega Genesis Model 1 Power Supply

Anyone have a spare OEM Genesis model 1 power supply they’d be interested in selling? Mine up and died on me. I’m located in the states and have PayPal ready. Let me know!


I almost think you are better off with a brand new power supply than a original Sega power supply.
The Sega Genesis Model 1 used a common spec Power Supply.

I personally used Power Supplies intended for Close circuit cameras

May have to do that but couldn’t find a well reviewed third party one. Didn’t really think of looking outside of console specific though. Will take a look around.

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I use the Pwr+ power supplies recommended by HD Retrovision. I literally have 8 of them for various consoles and they have worked great. They are plentiful and cheap on Amazon. Check out this page to see what you need to get going. hdretrovision.com/vote3rdparty

Hey thanks! I’ll keep these in mind. More than I was hoping to spend considering I’ll also need to purchase an adapter to reverse polarity, but this will be my fallback option if I can’t source something else. Appreciate it.