Best replacement battery for GBA SP? (AGS-001)

My GBA SP AGS-001 battery only lasts about 4 hours per charge these days. I know it was originally capable of so much more.

Can anyone recommend a reliable replacement battery they’ve used that performed well?

I bought one of these on eBay in 2013 and it is still going strong.

Also amazing that it is still on eBay as the same item number 5 years later.

Dead link when I click.

I picked up one of the KMD branded batteries as the generic green ones have been tested to be found well below the advertised 850mah.

Anyway it’s been night and day compared to the shitty generic one.

Ha! Well there we go! Seems to still be listed but unavailable.

no buy button

These are terrible they only have about a third of their supposed capacity.

The KMD ones are much better.

That’s not my experience at all. I replaced an aging battery and got slightly higher than the quoted GBA SP running time.

But I did buy my battery 5 years ago, maybe they’ve changed since then? That video is from 2018.

Obviously, I’d go with the most recent test results if buying today.

Massively disappointed with the blue one.

This bulging happened after only a couple of months.

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Yeah, maybe they’ve cut corners or a different manufacturer started making them since then.

I picked up on last year and it was significantly worse than the original battery.

To keep it in this thread:

DIY GBA batteries


time for another new battery in my AGS-101 GBA SP. I got 8 years out of my £0.99 eBay battery. Not bad!

I’ve gone with one of LiPo conversions as in the previous post, ready made via eBay.

8 years is really solid. I was curious and recently did an informal battery test on 3 of my GBAs. Sound was off, lower brightness setting (SP), and looped the intro of Pokemon Emerald.

GBM: 6h50m (original battery)
GBA SP AGS-101: 12h (original battery)
GBA w/ 101 mod: 17h40m (Powerex pro NiMH AA)

I’m glad the original batteries are holding up, but I don’t use the Micro or SP very often. It also reinforced just how awesome AA batteries are.