Best way to track and record your collection?





I constantly damage mine with beers, so it’s no good anymore.


Been a long time since anyone’s added to this thread, so I thought I’d put in my 2 cents.

I use Google Sheets for mine.

It started out as a project to see if I could get my pricing information to update automatically. I needed a database to run off of, so I decided to pay the $6/mo to VGPC. It grabs the entire database of prices, and stores it in the spreadsheet. I just reference the games I want to add by the price charting ID, and it fills in USD / CAD pricing, and game name.

It all works really well, but the issue is that when it was updating the prices from the VGPC database, it would take too long to load. I no longer have it grab the full database automatically, and instead opted to just import it manually once a week or so.

I have my lunix server grab pricing every day though, so if I wanted to make fancy graphs or go with a much more robust solution later, I’ll have the pricing history saved.

Here’s the sheet. (long load time, sorry)


figured there’d be a thread here for this - so i just finished logging my vinyl collection over at discogs (took a bit, i have about 800 records, haha!), and that was made a lot easier by their app allowing you scan barcodes to log em. as i’ve quite a few games, i was wondering if anyone knew of an app/etc that does that with jewel cases/boxes?

#25 does just that


Google sheet, but I’ve only listed certain sub-collections so far in my current phase, for stuff I was going for a complete set on, eg SG1000, Mark III, Konami Famicom, FDS.

It would be a nightmare to fully catalogue at this point, probably 3000 games?


I use, its not perfect, PC Engine is actually TurboGrafx and it dont have MVS, right now also you can seem to filter as well as you could like, but I like it and its free, link to my collection below (though still need to add a few formats)


Having everything catalogued saved my butt a few times. I find it very easy to be confused with what you bought some time ago and what you only played on the Everdrive. Like, I know I have played that game, and I liked it, but do I own it?


Some would say that you should just not be a dirty pirate. I am not one of those people. Yar har fiddle dee.


Since I have an iPhone I can’t use rfgeneration’s android app but can I use it on my PC with BlueStacks and have it access my webcam?


Yeah I do lose track. I have bought a couple of doubles I saw cheap forgetting I had them :sweat_smile:


I wanted to create something equivalent to discogs for videogames once upon a time. It’s still something I’m playing with in my spare time every so often.


To answer my own question, yes. Only problem is some barcodes (because Canadian?) are not recognized.


You can enter the code directly on the search page, in the ID# field, no need to use the Android app.

The database in incomplete, but it’s getting there. You can submit your variations if you like them added to the database.


Just noticed this thread thanks to the bump…

I’ll chime in and say that if you’ve got an Android device, a really nice (and inexpensive) option is the My Game Collection app:

Has a ton of great features and frequent updates. I’ve used it for several years now as a cheaper alternative to the Collectorz suite.


thanks for this, man - i’m about done with sega stuff now, onto the nintnedo shelf! damn, they want me to check screw #'s and everything, haha

scanner takes a bit sometimes but the app does what i wanted!


yeah and I really like their app, it makes it very easy to check what you have, what you want, in simple lists.