Best way to track and record your collection?


This post brought a new site I’ve never heard of to my attention: GameValueNow. Looks really slick. Anyone here use it much? I track my collection (or most of it) on a spread sheet, but I’m looking to use an online database like this or PriceCharting to track what I have and the approximate value. I see some good recommendations here but I really want something that can give me an idea of value so it looks like PriceCharting and this site are the best options?


Those are the two best. I like Gamevalue because it has a slicker look and better app,also the lot value calculator is very helpful.


I’m trying to sign up to GVN but the confirmation email won’t come through! Not in spam folder, either.

Looks like the only real advantage PC has over GVN is a longer historical price window. But, that is something that can be checked ad hoc. The main thing for tracking collections is the current value.


I use RFG and I even managed to hook up a barcode scanner app to a simple web script I wrote (ask if you want a copy, it abuses RFG so I can’t share publicly) that allowed me to add to RFG semi-automatically. I was quite pleased with that setup.

Of course, since then I’ve neglected to keep up with adding new acquisitions. So it is already quite out of date meaning it was a big waste of time. But it was fun :joy:


Update for anyone interested.

Just finished adding my NES collection into GameValueNow. This is a great tool. SUPER easy to use and tracks value based on cart, instructions and box. It tracks 5-screw variants for NES games. You have the ability to add notes, your paid price, condition grade from 1-10. There’s even fields to add your high score or check a box if you’ve completed that game. You can also add items manually in case you have things they don’t track. I used that to add the 1993 PAL re-release of Mario Bros. Collection can be segmented by platform if you want.

Not for nothing, it’s also just really nice looking and modern feeling. It doesn’t feel like it was designed in 2002 and just updated some since. Highly recommended, at least at this point.



I tried this service back in 2016 when I was about to log my collection, and at the time it didn’t support PAL games. It still doesn’t for the value side of things, but I see that you can also import your collection from RFGeneration. So I’ll give it a go, nothing to lose.


I just put my whole collection into CLZ. It went mostly easy, there was a few things that were kind of a pain. My only issue is that it connects with pricecharting which is missing a lot of japanese game, and things like MVS titles. I’ll have to give GameValueNow a try.


CLZ looks good, too.


I agree 100% with this post. Slow day so I’ve just started messing around and the first thing I did because it’s a small collection is my Neo Geo AES and CD stuff. It’s super easy to add things and I also added Crossed Swords II which I recently purchased to the DB for an entry in my collection because they did not list it. Having an approximate value for this stuff is just so helpful, and putting it in was so simple.

I went ahead and did Wii U after that and again, had it all put in super fast. This thing is the real deal and I guess it’s free?! I’d pay them for the use of it.


Yeah, it feels almost like a paid app.


I just tried to import my RFG collection into GameValueNow:

Import Complete!

We were able to import 153 of 440 games.

So it seems that it is still not ready for us folks outside of USA.

Interesting to see my most valuable items out of those 153, though!


Yeah, my nascent Famicom collection is totally out of bounds on this. Definitely NA-centric.


Same with my Super Fami collection. That said, it does list Japanese Neo Geo separately.

I’d give them time. It’ll come together.

Holy hell is it nice, though.


It’s been two years since I enquired about PAL support. Ricky, the guy behind GVN, was super nice about it and said “probably not until next year”. And here we are a year more after that. So I’ve emailed him again to see where things are.


One of the things I added to my “barcode to RFG” script was the ability for me to add the ID of the storage box the item is in.

Just now I wanted to get my DSi XL stylus, the fat chunky one, literally would have been looking for a needle in a haystack without the information that it was in Box E. Result.


GVN is very nice and I just imported a lot of my collection. But lack of PC games makes me sad. :frowning:

Also, I haven’t told my wife the value of my collection yet. :zipper_mouth_face:


Yeah. I was amazed at the value of mine and I’m not done yet. I figure I’d be lucky to get 80% of that value but even that is a lot.

It’s a fantastic tool though. It is professional quality in almost evert way.

I could use those PC games too… and definitely imports!


Does anybody use ?


I haven’t heard of it before.


I’ve been watching it fit a while, but it’s still in beta. I just forgot I had a beta login.