Completed Games & Backlogs

Does anyone here keep an accurate record of their completed games?

What about your backlog?

How do you track either list?

I do keep an accurate list of my completed games. It’s on

I also keep a record of my backlog on backloggery, but it’s not all encompassing. In my opinion, technically if you own a game, or start a game but don’t finish it, it should be part of your backlog. I don’t really follow that philosophy, however… It’s to much work.

In today’s gaming market, especially from a collector standpoint, there are just too many games that I play briefly then put down, to bother keeping a backlog accurate. I try to make sure that I add games that I spend a decent amount of times with, even if I don’t finish them.

If I finish a game, I always add it to the backlog (as completed), so I have an accurate record of all games I’ve finished.

I also have categories set up for my steam library by genre, and additionally I have completed games and in progress games.

If anyone else here is on backloggery, add me as a friend!

I try not to think about it since I buy more games then I beat a month. :c

I also use backloggery but only for physical games owned. I update it from time to time. Helps me keep track of what I buy and avoid purchasing stuff I already own!

I’ve considered using backloggery at some point, but their lack of database means I would have to spend an insane amount of time to enter my collection.

I kind of do, but not in an important way. The Gameye app has a completion slider which I try to keep updates, but it doesn’t really do anything but add extra info about each game in your collection. I just don’t want to have a separate collection app and backlog app.

I use, and I also use to track games beaten.

I don’t really think of all games in terms of ‘beating’ them so much as ‘I’m done with them sufficiently to put them aside for now’ I guess? I need a multi-layer tool lol

  1. Completed to my satisfaction (not necessarily 100%) and will not return to any time soon
  2. Played enough to get as much fun as I’m going to get out of it for now. Not complete so could come back.
  3. Played a bunch, but want to play it more (more for ongoing games, eg Splatoon, Fighting games, score based games etc)
  4. Played enough to get an idea, but want to play more
  5. Have not played for more than a few minutes

3, 4, and 5 are all different levels of backlog, and things can move up the list.

Eg I finally beat Gradius recently (with a little bit of save state cheating) after it sat at 2 for 25 years lol.

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Yeah I can say I have all those states of playing a game too, but I only really care for tracking what shown as #1 on your list.