Game Box Protectors Thread

Is anyone else like me, a box protector obsessive?

I just got some sweet new box protectors for my Japanese Game Boy and Game Boy Color games. There are two sizes for Japanese GB games, the original ones were tiny, and the later ones about 4/5 of the ‘standard’ Famicom size.

Great to have my games protected in snug boxes now.

Previously I stored the small Japanese GB games in Japanese GBA box protectors, which were okay in one direction, but way too big in the other.

Similarly I kept the larger Japanese GB games in Famicom box protectors, similar issue.

Here are some places I have bought from:
And this ebay seller is where I got the Japanese Game Boy ones


For rarer game sizes, here are some adaptations I’ve used

Japanese GBA size works very well for the ‘mid size’ Famicom boxes

Game Boy obviously works perfectly for Virtual Boy

These large size Konami Famicom games work well in NES protectors

Gun Sight is nearly an exact match for Euro NES size protectors

Famicom works okay for small SG1000 games (it’s not really the right size in any direction and is very tight)

I think this is a Colecovision box which works great for large SG1000 (Correction - it’s an older style ‘too large’ NES box protector)

And these new small Japanese GB works very well for Famicom Mini GBA games


I am insane and had customs done for all these SG1000/Mark III boxes. I have about 70 boxed Mark III ‘Gold’ games so it was quite expensive, but worth it as a number of them are quite valuable. It’s a fully one off for Alex Kidd BMX (it’s the only box of that size), but a few each for the two card game sizes and big box Mark III gold.

Future needs

Unfortunately my customs guy disappeared, but I really need protectors for Bit Generations, which match Japanese GBA in two dimensions, but are way too short in the other

And most importantly, original small box Famicom, for which there is nothing anywhere close to suitable

They drown in the closest fit, which is Japanese GBA.




I went on the hunt for a box protector long ago in an effort to keep my MM9 press kit safe. Thankfully there are tons off the shelf for a standard size like that.

Nice tip about the mid size FC boxes. And those Mark III games look sexy as hell with protectors.

It’s really a shame about the small size FC boxes. I really don’t get why no one makes these things. The guy I was in contact with sent me an email about having some samples and wondered where I live like half a year ago. I responded all exited but then nothing. And there’s nothing on his website. So I guess that fell through.

The GB/GBA/VB box protectors also work perfectly with PAL Gamecube Memory Card boxes btw since they’re the same size!

The other advantage of box protectors is that not only do they protect, they also make so-so condition games look in better condition, because it adds a bit of shiny and holds it in the correct shape.

Eg, 7/10 games look like 8.5/10.

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I’m looking for some boxes for various CE games that I have. I have a lot of newish stuff I want to protect, like Fe dates CE, shantae and axiom Verge for switch and even Wii games that had cardboard boxes. I need to find a company that makes the protectors for a lot of newer stuff.

Most of my old NES games have boxes (same with GB) but I’ve been looking for ways to store my loose games. I think with gbx i will go with custom games cases and probably will do the same with NES and SNES. I want to find a hard case for famicom (I guess I could use the UGC).

I just added some links to the OP

Lots of customs at this place -

OMG I am already up to $75. <3

awesome. I really need a protector for my deluxe nes kit

Breakthrough on small box Fami!

I rifled around sites and my collection and decided to try N64 cart protectors for small box Fami

Not perfect but they fit!

I tried that some years ago as well since I happen to have one N64 cart protector for some reason, but I thought it was a bit too tight depth wise and worried that it would squish the box over time. I guess it could be different with different protectors, but with mine I kinda had to push the box in there and that didn’t feel good to me. It is the closest we have at the moment though for sure.

That was my thought too, but it’s the same with SG1000 games in Fami boxes and they haven’t squashed over time, even after at least a couple of years.

I’m doing to try a different supply as well, there are often minor differences in sizes by different suppliers and one may even be slightly larger.

Nice - glad you finally found a fit. I doubt they’d squish the boxes over time. The plastic has a bit of give to it.

Hmm I may have to reconsider then. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Another one is SNES protectors fit cardboard Genesis games!


Yes, indeed! Shiny, shiny.


Holy shit at the black boxes!

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Oh wow that’s super handy to know now that I’ve recently gotten into MD collecting. Cheers! :smiley:

I just placed an order for a bunch of stuff from retroprotection.

…my wallet feels like Holyfield:

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