Replacement game cases, where do you buy yours?

I’ve recently started to acquire SNES games, and because they were originally sold in a cardboard box, most of those boxes have been lost or destroyed over time, leading to a massive mark-up on used CIB listings. As a result most of the games I recently bought were cartridge only. But I hate keeping them like that, I need cases to put them in and actually know which is which when I go for one on the shelf.

I found a few stores that sell plastic cases with custom or reproduction artwork, mostly in the US. Do you have other suggestions you like better? Maybe recommendations for non-US local stores? is the first one I found. They offer the choice of transparent or black case, which I like better when there is no inside art. $4 per case. is more than twice the price at $9 a piece. But they do Super Famicom artwork. does US and EU artwork when possible, and horizontal and vertical, for $4 a piece. I like the concept of internal artwork.

I saw other stores selling reproduction cardboard boxes. I think it’s nice, but I don’t have much interest in dealing with cardboard. What about you?

What is your opinion on buying such cases or reproduction cardboard boxes? Or maybe you prefer to do them yourself?

I have an SNES interest here, but the thread can welcome suggestions for any consoles. Oh and also I’m looking for Famicom cases too.

I have a Dracula X repo and the box is all wrong. The gloss and material is wrong and It stands out like a sore thumb among my legit carts.

I’m not a fan of replacement boxes, I tried using them for gameboy games. My personal opinion is either collect cib or keep them loose.

Those ones with the printed artwork and case for $4 seems like a no-brainer to me.

A more expensive option are bitboxs from stone age gamer. They make them for like every retro cartridge type and offer printouts of cover arts as well but it all comes at a price. One downside is that they are different sizes so the boxes for different game types/for different systems don’t line up with each other.

About that…

Man, I was excited to know that I could buy some PS long box replacements if mine should broke down. But at $10 each, better take care of my original boxes.

Those Sega CD big jewel cases were a mistake.

I didn’t think a new thread was necessary so I’ll ask here!

What is the best place to purchase he following blank replacement game cases for the consoles below:

Xbox (OG)
Xbox 360

I would like as close to original as possible and I’m only interested in new cases (not old sports games)

Any help would be appreciated!!

The bane of my existence is the large and tall single CD jewel cases that many JP PS1 games uses and I can’t find it anywhere tô Sell. I heard that EURO dreamcast games were sold on that jewel case, so maybe is easier to find it in Europe?

Even that 2-CD jewel cases are becoming hard to find nowadays. My solution is buying old opera music CD, LOL.

I should get one of those $4 replacement cases in soon for Contra Hard Corps. Will report back on quality.

I just remembered this thread, I received my Contra case the other day and it is great, hard to believe it was $4!

I will post pics later, but overall the case is very close to an original plastic Genesis case. The plastic seems to be the same weight/thickness, the tabs are all where the should be for holding the game and manual, and the art seems like a perfect reproduction to me (take that how you will). I didn’t go over super carefully so I’m not sure if the case as marked as a reproduction anywhere.

The only differences that jumped out at me were the mold lines (these are obviously different once you open the case) and the transparent plastic holding the art. Comparing to an original Sonic 2 case, the new plastic seems more densely textured and so more opaque. This could be down to wear but it isn’t a very big deal either way in my opinion.

So I recommend Custom Game Cases overall, at least for Genesis games. Shipping wasn’t the fastest but for $4 each plus something like $3.50 shipping I am super pleased. Seriously considering boxing up the rest of my collection now.

Thinking about replacing some worn out Mega Drive cases, what are peoples thoughts on replacing the original ones with new ones for later intentions of selling the product? I have replaced Sega Saturn jewel cases scratched from hell and back previously.

In my view a repro case is A-OK, and even adds a (small) bit of value over a loose cart. As long as it’s stated to be a repro, I don’t see why it would be bad. If someone doesn’t like the repro case they can always request the cart only.

Of course, I’m not much of a collector, and I know some who wouldn’t even consider non-official cases, manuals, etc.

Speaking of which, are there good, cheap sources for manuals like there are cases?

Yeah, if it is a repro/modernly made one I prefer it to be stated since it is “different” if you intention is to sell it, but if you are replacing it with another case of the same type from the era that is just in better condition then it’s fine not to mention it/care. imo of course.

I just received what I believe is a Universal Game Case along with my used game eBay purchase. But SNES manuals don’t fit?

That means retrogamecases is out of the picture unfortunately, as are the basic default cases of gamecaseking. I still prefer gamecaseking cases, but they’re missing like half of my games in their catalogues, unlike customgamecases. And these two use different spine artworks, which makes me unwilling to mix and match…