Chrono Trigger on Steam: Take me Back to the Future.

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Looks like the cutscenes from the DS port is in this version.

I love this game, I think i am going to support it even though I know I would much prefer to play this on the original hardware if I was at home. If this comes to Switch I am going to be day 1.

Launch edition comes with extra goodies see 2:24 of the trailer. Must buy before April 2, 2018.

Looks like the price will be $14.99 in the US.

All updates are coming to iOS and Android ports of the game including cloud saves.

It’s up on steam.

The website info takes you to your shopping cart. I updated my post with a hyperlink that should work correctly.

Oh good, thanks!

I’m hearing this is being called a trash fire in record time.

Faster than paying $10 for a save game slot?

I’ll just leave this screenshot of the steam version
here :slight_smile:


That looks like Nvidia’s scaler. It doesn’t use nearest neighbor. IIRC you can change it and it will stop upscaling it that way. The programer should have been aware of this.

Customer Reviews Section is Mostly Negative as of this post. Lazy mobile port.

Uh. That’s disappointing.

I’ve never seen such mismanagement of IP. Square has no qualms about ruining everything their house is built on. If anyone is excited for Final Fantasy 7 remake at this point I feel bad for you. This is just pathetic.

Anyone actually surprised by how this turned out?

Wow, that was fast… Staying away from this.

Not in the least. Square Enix has terrible output. I knew a person in the US division and they would say there is so much push back from their end but Japan doesn’t care. This is across the board. Like they warned about the FF7 backlash for PS4.

At this point there is absolutely no reason to not just emulate these games if you are a casual user.

Sadly the Square of today is not the Square of old. It’s like hoping for BioWare to release another good rpg lol

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BioWhere Are the good RPGs?

To be fair, they are still very capable of doing so. The original Mass Effect trilogy was done by the team in Edmonton. Andromeda was developed by the sister studio in Montreal, and was pretty much doomed from the start because of the team they had for it, and the timeline to complete it.

If they had done it in-house in Edmonton, the team here has all the people in place that can make an outstanding RPG.

As much as this is common knowledge, I was able to confirm it from the source, because a friend of mine is a project lead and head artist for Bioware Edmonton. (I live in Edmonton, too). He warned me not to buy the game 6 months before release, and wished that his team was on the project instead of Montreal.

What’s the controversy regarding FFVII Remake? The new battle system?

History of their output. Real time battle system no one asked for. The game is broken into 3 parts. Need I go on? When was the last truly great Final Fantasy game?

Despite what @raskulous said, the leadership and the publisher might be the problem. I still regard ME1 as the best in the series and Dragon Age Origins is the best in it’s respective but when Bioware was truly great it might have been Kotor or their pre never winter nights PC games.