Chrono Trigger on Steam: Take me Back to the Future.

I’ve completely given up on Final Fantasy. Last one I really liked was 12.

Yeah it’s tough to not place some of the blame on EA. They have a pretty strong track record for fucking up developers.

I played some of FF15. Its not the worst game ever but I would not invest my time in playing that over the FF12 remake on PS4. Just saying. My beef isn’t with their current output as much as they handle their legacy. Ultimately, we are all good with playing the original games on original hardware, good for us. I just feel bad for people who don’t and can’t revisit an awesome game like Chrono Trigger without all this nonsense.

The last “new” one I played was FFX on PS2 years ago (couldn’t finish, was on a loaned PS2)… so this is all new to me! I now own X, X-2 and XII and have them on my backlog.

I also played a bit of DQ1 on mobile, which is okay but it looks/runs kind of janky and apparently it’s graphically worse than the Super Famicom remake. This crappy/mediocre/janky mobile “remake” BS seems pretty widespread with their RPG classics.

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Square Enix needs to take more cues from the Enix side of the house and the various Dragon Quest products for their remakes. Maybe it’s just that everyone who created and loved these games moved on to other companies and there’s really no one left there to give the remakes the care they deserve along with a youth movement that doesn’t recognize the importance of the past? Either that or the higher ups are constantly looking for quick cash grabs to fund other grander projects?

The Japanese game publishers that hold the rights to all these great properties from the Famicom/Super Famicom era should be falling all over themselves to make these games available in their original forms just so people can play them in a world where the SNES Classic Edition still sells out.

Stopping porting games while you’re drunk, Square Enix

I’m at least reasonably confident that fans will do what they can to fix this version. I mean, Chrono Trigger is a game with like 8 individual retranslations just because some dude didn’t like a couple of lines in the original English script.

I just want to know if they finished the MSU1 version. The Version I have says BETA across every cutscene.