Console dust covers

Does anyone know of a good source for console dust covers? Especially Retro consoles? I have nice ones for my Saturn and Dreamcast but would love some for my 360, ps2 slim, PC Engine, Wondermega, Mega Drive, Master System and MSX2.

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I encountered the same difficulties, when I wanted to get something nice (not as garish as some of of those dust covers you can easily find on eBay or Etsy) for my setup… I can’t provide pictures, right now, as I’m packing my collection, but - since I use this Ikea stand - I simply bought two pieces of dark brown fabric and got them perfectly tailor-made. The fabric itself is pretty cool, as it comes double faced: glazed on the outside and soft/non-scratch on the consoles’ side.

I still need to get something more specific for my GameCube and my monitors, once I’m set in the new place.

Could you post a pic of your dust covers for Dreamcast and Saturn? I’d love to see them.

Yeah I’m listening here…

We’re talking a dust cover that work when the console is ready to play right? Cables connected and all?

For when they’re NOT connected I bought a lof these laptop sleeves on sale last year. Consoles like my Super Famicom, Mega Drive, Genesis, Master System II, Nintendo 64 all fit into a 14-15" laptop sleeve. You can get them with zippers or open on the top like the small 10" one I have for my PSOne.

Tons on


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Etsy is your friend. My wife was supposed to make me a bunch of covers (with logos) and a flap carts if I still wanted to leave my Everdrive or something in it. Eventually, she will but the labor involved is too much to start having her make them for friends.

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I actually found that guys page and bought a few covers but after that found a guy in Mexico who I’m now helping with measurements for some cool dust covers for stuff like PC Engine and the CD Rom interface, Wondermega, MSX 2 A1 and more.
I’ll post pictures once they arrive.


I’ve frond some great ones. They’re cheap, look cool and available for practically every system if requested.


They all look nice, but I’m not a fan - 100% personal opinion, of course - of fully printed covers. The ideal solution, for me, would be to have someone printing my designs - mainly the name and the logo of each console, conveniently placed - on monochrome covers. Do you know if there’s anyone offering such service?

Yeah, there a French guy that does something along those lines. I’m in bed now but I’ll have a search tomorrow for you.

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Brilliant! Massive thanks. ^_-

Here’s two I know of.

Thanks again! I’ll check them out right away. :slight_smile: