Consumer CRT Thread


Nice! Good pickups


VGA monitors are my favorite way to play 480P games!


Got it. The owner said she had 25 or so others from states all around asking for it if I passed. Feel a little silly getting this but I’m glad I did.


Awesome, congrats!


Congrats ! People are starting to catch on about this TV !


Ok, so I got the FV310 going and … it looks bad! @Socksfelloff … how much of a difference did the service tweaking make? This is looking like a really run of the mill consumer set to my eyes.

Part of the issue is obviously just using composite on my first test. But I tried my scart to component converter and that has some kind of major color issue. It’s both green and kind of unstable. Dumb question here but can’t I just use any phono cables to carry component signal? Sorry, don’t have a photo of this.


That does indeed look terrible. I don’t have any experience with NES composite but I did just recently play some PCe and it looked much better then that.

You should use actual component cables. I believe audio/composite cables have a different impedance and maybe that’s where your issue’s are coming from.

Tweaks in the service menu are more for geometry and colors. You can’t due much in regards to clarity. It’s entirely possible you got a set with too many hours on it and it may need some hardware level adjustments to try and salvage it.

Here’s some recent pics of mine all through a component converter




Hard to imagine mine ever looking a anywhere close to this as it stands now. Much more testing and tweaking needed though, for sure.


Ugh, NES composite is actually pretty good so yeh, that looks bad :dizzy_face:


I did pretty much all I could with the regular video menu. Really disappointing so far.


That may be the worst looking CRT I’ve ever seen. I don’t have any experience with one that far gone but I bet you can bring it back to life on the hardware side. I’m interested in seeing a component shot. If it’s not liking your converter maybe you can try something with native component output?


Looks like poor comb filtering. It could just be bad at composite.

Some TVs do it better than others. Try lowering the sharpness all the way to see if that gets rid of the ringing around the sprites. It looks like it’s trying to “enhance” too much.

And if there’s any sort of “NTSC setting,” “comb filtering setting,” “trap filter setting” or other image processing settings, try playing with those too.

This looks more like RF quality rather than composite. Composite shouldn’t be that bad.


It really does look like RF.


I wouldn’t put anymore thought into it untill you try component. There are comb filter related settings in the service menu. Maybe someone has been in there playing?


You can definitely use RCA AV cables for component and it’ll look okay, but just not as good as a dedicated component cable. Reason being that an RCA composite cable is shielded analog video, similar to a coaxial cable, and the left/right audio cables will be a twisted strand. Very different construction… But it’ll work.


Tried the other composite input. Seems a bit better? Also played with sharpness a bit more. I had it at zero but brought it up to about 1/3 and it looked more on point to my eye. Also adjusted the color just slightly away from red and it gave me the appropriate purple in the sky in SMB. I can see the quasi scan effect in full force.


Thrifted a “new” 14 inch Samsung. Box was open and had a dink in the side but I took it out in the store and it seems legit new! Manual and remote sealed in a bag. I love the smaller sizes if they have component. I had a heck of a time getting pics of the screen but had a fun time. 2019 so MiSTer.


Sweet little tv! Very nice


Damn that looks fantastic!


That looks sweet.