Fans of Contra and Gunstar Heroes should check out Blazing Chrome

It’s on GamePass and I missed this when it was released in the summer.

What a gem!

If you’re looking for the arcade-style run and gun, this is definitely one of the better I’ve played in a bit. Much like all great classic arcade games, this rewards multiple playthroughs with harder difficulties, different characters, and limited continues.

Anyone play this? I may get this on Switch as well t support the developer and play on the go.


I got it the day it came out on PS4. Awesome game. I think it’s a much better successor to Contra: Hard Corps than Hard Corps: Uprising is.

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Already did since around it’s release, loved it and replayed it multiple times.

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1CC achieved?

I tried it on Normal to do that.=p

Waiting for the Limited Run Games release to be shipped.

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Oh, didn’t know they did a physical version. Neat. Haven’t been following the boutique physical indie market of late since I’m mostly digital, but cool they scored a print run. Game needs physical preservation.

I’ve been eying this game too. I may be grabbing an Xbox One X on the cheap with gamepass so I haven’t grabbed it yet. But it looks fantastic.

I thought you had one already haha.

Sadly… not yet. Now I’m not sure whether to pull the trigger on one or wait until the Series X and catch up on the games I missed.

I still need to grab a 4k tv as well… I’m pretty behind on most of my gaming tech these days.

I remember hearing the Switch version had a few performance issues compared to the other versions. Anyone know if it was ever patched?

Great game. I know the devs personally and they’re great people. Have been following their output since Oniken came out and given we knew a lot of people in common we became friends. Don’t see them often as we live very far away (and Brazil is a gigantic country) but I’m very happy to see how far they’ve come.


Unity engine?

I’m not sure. Went ahead and bought it anyway, I’ll have to share my impressions of the port.

Please do!

Just had to drop in here to say this game rocks. I followed it for a while before it came out but by that time I had forgotten about it. I downloaded it last night and it really is what was promised: Hard Corps 2. Since Hard Corps is far and away my favorite Contra, this is great for me!

I wish more retro-inspired games went for the pulse-pounding, 80s action movie style, especially with hard-but-fair difficulty like this. Are there any others out there that hit that mark? The only game I’ve played that may apply is Broforce, and it just ended up being a parody of the style without much real inspiration.

I will say that after playing 4 levels or so it is much easier than Hard Corps so far. That game beats you in the face as soon as it boots up.

Try Hardcore mode, it’s insane: More enemies on screen along with adding them for bosses, bosses attack faster and you start with 3 lives and only have 3 continues, it’s game over when you are on your last life and continue as well so the difficulty ramps up a lot on that mode.

It’s simply a great run and gun. I’d say it’s the closest to Contra but has some good ideas from other classics thrown in as well. The game controls great and has great presentation (by that I mean the sound effect, sprite work and music are all awesome). I mean if this is the genre you like or the trailer interested you then you are most likely going to love it. I personally can’t wait to play this with a pal. The game is almost similar to garena free fire.

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