rask's Omega Race MAME Build/Resto

I’ll be using this as a build log for my cabinet.

I took some more photos and inspected the cabinet a little closer last night, and found some good and some bad. The cabinet is actually coming apart a little, so the front yellow panel that houses the coin door is separating, and you can see a gap where the side of the cabinet is separating. I’ll have to remove the yellow front and repair it, then I can reassemble and stiffen the cabinet up to strengthen it.

Overall the cabinet looks nice, and the artwork is pretty good on the sides and front. The kick plate artwork at the bottom is mostly rubbed off due to years of use, so I’ll have to replace that.

It has the original artwork for the “lower marquee”, this is in great shape.

The coin door is in nice shape, but it could use some cleaning up and maybe a repaint.

The metal base of the control panel itself is original, but there is some generic artwork slapped in there, and they installed a joystick in the spot where the spinner goes. It looks like the previous owner was using it for an R-Type conversion. This is a great find, as I now have exact measurements to get my custom control panel made up.


And some random photos inside


No shots of the CRT? Give us the good stuff @raskulous :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Lol no shots of that because it’s not included! It’s a bare cabinet, so no CRT, PCB etc.

I’ll try and satiate you though, this is the 21" curved trinitron I’ll be attempting to fit in there. Fired it up for the first time today and it works and looks great.

I’ve been holding on to this stupid thing for at least 2 years now, trying to find a use for it. I picked it up for free, and this seems like a good of a use as any.


You’re not going to get 240p on that thing, but it should still provide a really fantastic picture.

Yeah it won’t go that low. I’m hoping I can get it looking slick with some 2x or 3x integer scaling, and see how it goes from there.

I’m not against buying a proper arcade monitor for the thing, but I would end up spending probably $400 for one in good condition, and this was free.

More testing is needed before I make any final decisions.


Any thoughts on the mame setup?

If I may, I’d advise at sticking with a genre or manufacturer or small timeframe of game releases instead of just throwing everything in there.

You’ll be able to fight that urge to switch games quickly and I’ve personally found that it’s more interesting from a video game historian perspective. I enjoy seeing the progression that a company like Taito or Capcom made from the 80s to 90s.

Also, if you’re fashioning the CRT mounts, you could try to make them easy to take out and rotate the monitor for vertical games.

Good luck!

Thoughts on the MAME setup? Not really sure right now, but I spent a bunch of time setting up Launchbox on my PC, so I would probably use some sort of front end like that. I was thinking it would be cool to arrange the games either chronologically or by genre AND chronologically, so it would be easy to find something you’re in there mood for. Want to play an 80’s shmup? Go right there and browse them.

I also like the idea of browsing by the developer.

Rotating the monitor is something I’ve thought about, but not certain how I would make that work. It would be an amazing feature though.

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RE: rotation

I’ve mainly dealt with Japanese candy cabs, some which offer an assist mechanism (Egret) but mostly ones that don’t (Blast city, Astro city, Super Neo). The assist mech is handy but it’s really not needed, especially for a lighter monitor.

Omega Race uses a mirror system to project the image right? So you’d already have to fabricate some sort of chassis for your monitor to fit facing you in the traditional sense. Or maybe the chassis is included already when you tear the casing off the monitor you have?

Regardless, to do a tate mode that isn’t a pain to change, you have to make a square bracket with forward facing studs. You don’t want to have to reach in through the back of the cabinet to do rotate it.

Those studs are your attach points for the monitor chassis. You’d only have to drill holes that fit for both normal and tate modes. You can even build the monitor chassis so that the 4 holes fit the studs in both modes.

This might give you some detail on how it’s normally done:

I’ve probably rambled a bit here. But I do think it’s worth doing, especially if you like shmups and/or golden age games.

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Thank you for the info! The whole monitor assembly including the mirror is gone, so all I’ve got is the wooden plate that the monitor would normally mount to. Suffice to say, I’d be building the mount and rotation assembly myself.

I think I would want to build something that I can rotate easily on the fly. Leave the back door unlocked, reach in and rotate with one hand. That sort of thing.

I’m sure it could be done, but I’ll have to do some significant building to make it happen.

Oh, man, it’s going to be so cool if you pull it off.

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Really what I should do is get a horizontal cab and a vertical cab… now what would the wife day about that… Lol

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Picked up the PC that will operate this thing. It’s an i7 6700 and 8GB RAM. Definitely way more than I need for this use, but it was an absolute steal. Similar price usually gets you around a 1st gen i5 in a crappy Dell case, so this was well worth it.


Top marquee arrived today! Starting to look like a n actual arcade game.