Sega Candy Cabinets - Louisville,KY

Hey y’all,

I’ve alluded to selling these before. I need to clear a little room out, so here they are.

Here’s the craigslist ad:

I will absolutely give preference to any RGBers who want to make a drive.

If you have any questions, let me know. I don’t really like to ship expensive, heavy electronics so I am not considering dealing with any shipping company or PayPal right now.

There’s plenty of info on these guys online, but they are both the workhorses of Japanese arcades in the mid and late 90s. 29” monitors for all your shmupping and street fighting needs.

Thanks for looking.


Wish you lived in NYC. Darn… seems like a great group of cabinets.

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Hey, I’m interested. I sent a message on Craiglist as well. Lets talk some more.

If you’re willing to ship to Canada…

Thanks for the interest everyone. These have been sold locally to someone who will allow them to be played by much more than just me and some friends.

Not to sound dramatic, but I think sometimes in this hobby and many others, people overemphasize just possessing something rare, and don’t allow it be used for its intended purpose - usually the same purpose that drew us to collecting in the first place.

Let’s share this hobby with everyone we can, etc. blah blah blah


Cool. I’ll lock this one then. Congrats on the transaction.