Please help me welcome the creator of Digital Foundry Retro to the RGB community!

Hi all! John Linnenan from DF Retro joined the site today. If you’re not aware, DF Retro produces some of the best retro videogame content on the internet. Their comparisons of various ports of each game are a personal favorite of mine. It’s clear he abundantly shares in our passion for this hobby and has deep knowledge of the material.

John will be known as Dark1x here on RGB. Please help me give him a warm welcome to the community!


Dark1x? He’s a tenth of the man he used to be!

(The DF Retro stuff is astoundingly good.)

Welcome John! I just wanna say man that I love Digital Foundry and keep up the great work! Some of the best content on Youtube for sure!

That Doom episode is the GOLD STANDARD for retro videos.

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Really enjoyed the 32x videos

Welcome John! Glad to have you here, and thank you for all your work with Digital Foundry, especially DF Retro! Looking forward to seeing what you cook up next. I particularly love the episodes where you talk about PC to Console ports, and the various tricks and tips developers used to get games running on less powerful hardware.

Thanks everyone. Glad to be here. Apologies for the slow release schedule of late but I have something special and unique in the works!


Thank you for being our champion over at DF!

Really liking DF Retro so far. I’d like to see more 16-bit stuff, like comparisons of SNES/Genesis games would be neat.

Glad you came and I am very excited to see what you have coming soon.

Cool. Really enjoyed the nitty gritty detailed comparison in the Blaster Master video. Welcome indeed.

Welcome John! Glad you’re here!

Yo maing, love your videos! You guys planning on doing one on the Xbox emulation on XB1?

Welcome John. Big fan of how in deph your videos are. Can’t wait for the next one.

Woohoo, good to see.

I can’t imagine we’ll get another DF Retro video for some time though with the new Xbox on it’s way and all the big Christmas games hitting the shelves soon.

I do still want a Project Gotham Racing/Metropolis Street Racer analysis at some point though.

Great news!
On top of the golden contents he puts up on a regular basis, John quickly became my favourite face and voice of DF. Happy to see you here, dude. Welcome! :+1:

Ooooh I didn’t even know DF Retro was a thing, and it sounds right up my alley!

Oh and welcome :>

Is it Dark1x or Dark10x? :confused:

He’s 1x on this site

Welcome welcom