DF Retro: Pitfall The Mayan Adventure

Great work, @Dark1x !

I’ll post what I said on re:

John, you simply are the best retro creator on youtube. The best. No question.

No snark, no bad vibes, no left-over angst from the 16-bit wars. Just pure and well researched appreciation for the classics, regardless of platform, developer, console, or era.

Truly knowledgable and hard working - I can’t believe you simply hand your efforts over to us for free.

Thank you for making my sunday that much more pleasant.


That was great

Loved this episode and the 32x version here really blew me away.

I love John’s work. He could read the dictionary to me and id be enthralled!

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Halfway through watching this now. Always live me some DF Retro.

That was highly enjoyable! More off screen CRT shots, pls

I watched this video this morning and loved every minute of it. The Pitfall revival in the 90s was great. At the time, I was especially excited that the original Pitfall was hidden in the game. I played the SNES version a lot, as I didn’t have a Genesis growing up. I’ll be checking out that and the Sega CD versions for sure now.

I had no idea Activision scrapped the River Raid remake (first time even hearing about it). Man, that could have been really cool - a top down 2d River Raid shmup a la Raiden would have been awesome.

Either way, @Dark1x your DF Retro videos are consistently informative and entertaining. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

I was trying to remember, I think I must have played at least a demo of the Windows 95 version as I never had any Sega consoles and never bought this on SNES or Jaguar.

I never played this game but always wanted to. I guess I’ll go with the Genesis version.

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Great video! I’m tempted to grab the Sega CD version because my collection is on the weak side. Also that redbook audio

Cool video! I only played the Snes-version, and i found the level design to be pretty bland honestly, even though i liked the premise of the game.

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Great video… Thanks for the introduction to the channel @Sapiens!

I have dabbled with the SNES version a couple times, but it looks like I might have a much better time on the Genesis!

Nice video for a game that doesn’t get talked about much. Mayan Adventure never had the impact on me that Pitfall 1 and 2 did on 2600 and C64 but it was a solid revival.

I just wanted to add that it’s one of those PAL Mega CD releases that play perfectly fine at 60Hz. While many have problems because of their FMV, Pitfall plays ok.