Digital Foundry: DCHDMI review + VGA Box comparisons

The Eurogamer article has some good comparison pictures comparing DCHDMI, Official Sega VGA box, BeharBro’s Toro and the Pound HD cable. Needless to say, the Pound HD cable is poop but what I found interesting was how the Official VGA box clips out detail. The Toro also has issues from blown out details to incorrect colours and a pink tinge to the image.

Over on the Shmups forum, the discussion reveals that the Dreamcast drives RGB levels a bit too high but can be corrected with resistors.

You can see the brighter highlights on the leg here produced by the Sega VGA box.

Toro’s Pink tinge is visible in these.

Overly high contrast. I’m guessing this is the same on most VGA boxes…I need to check my Hanzo.

I’m planning to upgrade to the RGC Scart cable when it’s released and I hope they’ve put in resistors to correct this but I guess it’s a minor mod to do yourself. First time learning about DC’s RGB levels being so high, has anybody come across this before?

There’s a post here mentioning settings to correct the clipping with an OSSC for those who have one.

This DCHDMI works with games that are incompatible with VGA modes? Some of my favorite DC games aren’t compatible.

Not sure really, the cable swap trick is there in the menus as is force VGA but I don’t think it’s doing anything new outside of the workarounds people use already?

How is the Toro getting captured? I haven’t seen a pink tinge on my PVM. But I, admittedly, haven’t played much Dreamcast these days and never really thought about it.

This is a quote from Citrus3000PSI one of the developers of the DCHDMI from the shmups forum

240p & 480i RGB and Composite games are handled the same way. Digital video is grabbed before the DAC.

If you are not using VGA mode (480p) all games will have RGB quality via HDMI, even composite only games.

Mine just shipped, and should be here by Friday. Need to figure out who I’m going to have install it.

I sent mine to get installed earlier today. Now I play the waiting game.


I brought the DC’s contrast issue at shmups over 3 years ago and just now they finally tackle it. If Marqs didn’t add a pre option to keep the levels down, I think I’d be going nuts right about now.

Yeah the saturation and white crush is bad on pretty much all vga devices, but when the ossc brings it back in balance, they look just about as good as the DCHDMI does. I’ve also discovered another problem that extends beyond the DC and even with pc’s at the default settings, there’s a lot of transcoder equipment that makes the contrast issue far worse, even when panels support direct input.

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