HD Retrovision Genesis & SNES cables

Anyone here interested in buying a pair of HD Retrovision’s component cables? I have ones for SNES and for Genesis (with the model 1 adaptor). I’d like to just get back what I paid for them, so I am asking $120 shipped. Open to offers, too.

Are they American dollars?

Yes, sorry about that - USD and shipping to the US.

Are these cables still for sale? I am interested in the SNES one.

Yep. I’ll PM you.

Hey Radarscope1, do you still have the genesis cables? I’m interested in them if you still have them

If he doesn’t, HD Retrovision should have them for sale again in March along with a bunch of other stuff.

Oh sweet, thanks for the heads up Fuzzy

60 bucks for a cable? I didn’t realize they were charging so much. Yeesh. You can get a nice shielded SCART cable from retro_console_accessories for half that amount.

They better be the bees knees.

I guess they do include the converter within the cable, that’s probably where the cost is.

Which is why I’ve always said if you’re going to buy more than one you may as well just get SCART cables and a seperate RGB to Component converter.

I think it’s a GSCART type situation, where it is just two guys putting in all the work on designing top-quality stuff, so prices are high. Listening to Ste especially on the Retro Roundtable makes me appreciate how much it took to make sure these cables were the best they could be.

I’ve had the Genesis cables for about a year and they’ve been stellar. Waiting on them to restock so I can grab another for Saturn. I’m on the fence about PS2, I need to upgrade my cheap multi-cable but you could probably get official or Monster cables for less than the HDRV will be.

@Peagles You’re spot on regarding the converter, it’s by all accounts a great option, especially for 3+ consoles.

I can’t imagine doing a full component set up for retro collection. $50 a pop for each console. ugh. The nice part is the adapters you could probably leave plugged into your console and just move your genesis cable around for each console. I’ve already invested so much but I do kind of want to get a regular consumer CRT so they would be worth doing at that point (or even better just feeding my signal out of one of my PVMs into a scart to component converter and into the tv.

I have a component/S-video setup (inching toward full component aside from N64). It’s really not that bad compared to RGB if you factor in the cost of high quality switches, the addition of a breakout cable, and possibly a converter for consumer TV.

The big drawback is that not every console has a component solution, and component mods are a lot less common.

Yes and no. I mean, I already have sunk cost in scart and I’ve had them for years. Even if i upgraded my cables to the best quality they are still $20ish less than 1 cable from HD Retrovision. Couple that with compatibility issues. On my OSSC on the same tv, rgb from my snes mini works. Component does not.

I’ve owned their snes cable and I thought it was an excellent product. I think the cost of the products are high, but they probably do not have a high margin since they aren’t doing any of their own manufacturing & they likely have high tolerance standards to adhere to. This isn’t a slight to them, its actually nice to see someone make a product that is properly made.

Either way, component would be prohibitively expensive for me to change now. Spending $100 to get both genesis and snes wouldn’t be a bad investment if i get a hold of a decent consumer tv but I would likely only be using them for light gun games so I might just stick with composite.

Oh yeah, if you’re heavily invested in RGB there’s really no reason to get the cables over a converter and that’s coming from a huge Retrovision fan. I was starting out when I saw those cables and had several consoles with component and a couple switches already, so it made sense for my situation.

The OSSC issue is a big one though, I never knew about that. Did you try it with an older SNES by chance or was it something to do with component itself? I don’t plan on getting into scalers (I’d just emulate at that point), but that seems like a big deal when looking at these cables.

I think the reason why my RGB cables work on my SNES Mini (RGB modded) with the OSSC is that I am running through the GSSCARTSW which has a sync stripper. I couldn’t get the snes to even show up at all the other way. TVs are picky about the OSSC and most older tvs seem to work better than 4K sets.

I really want the Nvidia G Sync TVs to become a thing. I don’t even watch TV on the TV I game on. It’s just not something I am interested in doing but I have to buy a tv that is designed to work well with TV & movies and games are an afterthought.

At some point someone is going to make a good gaming monitor for both console and pc use case and it should support oddball resolutions like 240p. Even without scan lines just being able to connect that signal would be key. I am still not sold on 4K for anything but movies. I do like 1440p for gaming as its much easier to get high FPS without having a 1080 or better card.

Amen to that. And if you want a decent sized set that has gaming in mind, you pay a hefty premium for it. I was looking into Freesync monitors this weekend and I could get TVs 2x the size for the same price as a FS monitor with decent color and lag.

As an aside, I love how this B/S/T thread has become a larger discussion. I hope no one minds, but we could move it to another thread if they do.

Man, I just sold them on eBay. Literally mailed the package yesterday.

If you still want them, they go on sale tomorrow at noon ET. $54 US each for the SNES/Genesis cables, $14 each for the adapters to use the Genesis cables on the PS/Saturn/NeoGeo, and $8 for the adapter to use the Genesis cables on a model 1 Genesis.