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So its been a while since I posted a topic here but I was thinking about how much I dislike using the FM & OSSC in my chain and I am starting to get to the point where I want an HDMI option for just about everything. Between the MiSTer and Analogue, I am all set for < 16 bit machines but now I’m thinking, I really want these options for PS1, Saturn, DC, N64, PS2 & XBOX OG.

I will admit, I can get the same result or better using the OSSC but sometimes its just a pain in the ass and I don’t know if I want to be bothered by it. Especially with Firebrand X focusing on other projects, we don’t exactly have all the profiles for the OSSC yet. Also, I can’t exactly bring it with me to a friends house for some 4 player DC/64 gaming.

Has anyone else thought about going this route? Part of me thinks its frivolous to waste more money when I have everything I need (including a compatible TV) but sometimes I feel i spend way more time getting something dialed in than actually playing it.


I’ve certainly thought about it. The Analogue’s FPGA consoles are arguably better than what you can get using the best RGB equipment. They just need to make an affordable version of the Analogue NT. I bought one of the first ones and I love it. I went with RGB for everything else and it looks but but I’d personally like to see HDMI mods or devices that interface with older consoles in the same way the NT/HI-Def NES does.

Of course then there’s the problem of good reliable HDMI switches that pass through accurately and don’t introduce lag…

If the lack of cart interface doesn’t bother you, I really love NES/FAM on MiSTer. I am thinking about selling my NT Mini as a result but if I don’t make the money I want on it, I really don’t care as the NT Mini can fit in my RGB setup just as easy as my HDMI setup.

As things age, I am trying to become proactive and just be ok with getting used to gaming on a LCD.

I recently got my Dreamcast back after quite a long wait for the DCHDMI mod to be completed. It was worth it though. It reminds me of sitting at my desk as a kid playing Dreamcast on my VGA monitor except huge.

I don’t think I’ll go HDMI for everything – at least not yet – but I absolutely love Dreamcast on my OLED.

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I have the official Sega VGA box to OSSC on my QLED and it looks fantastic. I actually like it better than on my 20L5.

I’ve gone the opposite way. I regret getting my AV Famicom HDMI modded, not because of any issue with the kit itself but because I can only use the consoles on modern displays whereas if I had gone down the RGB route I would have had the best of both worlds, as I could run it through my OSSC or straight into my RGB modded Trinitron.

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I think it’s a good way to go actually. Wanting everything to be easy is why I grabbed a PVM 20L5. But if I didn’t have that, I’d probably prefer to be all HDMI today rather than use an OSSC or Framemeister so that I can more easily bring them somewhere rather than keep them 100% stationary. The beauty of HDMI is that every screen has it now. Making it as ubiquitous as composite was.

Needing to bring a scaler somewhere is just another obstacle.


Now that I think about this more, I actually think keeping everything analogue is the way to go for future-proofing reasons. When you mod for HDMI in today’s retro-scene, you’re likely going to be locked into scaling to either 480p, 720p, or 1080p. But no screens are really made with those native resolutions anymore. Everything is 4k and higher. And I think as we move along, better scalers are going to be introduced that are able to support higher resolutions and the benefits they can provide - i.e. better CRT filters. Plus, you have more control over the scaling itself - how your 4k - 8k HDTV will accept a 480p - 1080p signal that, itself, is already upscaled from 240p/480i, is going to vary tremendously from model to model of HDTVs.

I’m sure new mods will come out that support 4k output from retro consoles. But rather than having to mod, then re-mod, then re-mod again as time goes along, I’d rather just replace one item in the chain - the scaler.

So, I’d rather have as much control over the analogue to digital conversion as possible than just leave things up to chance.

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So maybe I’m wrong and I would not be surprised, but couldn’t you get yourself component/S-video switch boxes and run all those through a RetroTINK-2x to get the desired HDMI output without introducing any lag?

I haven’t used mine with anything other than composite and component for Neo Geo and Sega Genesis, but I think this might be a quick $100 fix for you?

This is my thinking as well. With the OSSC or the OSSC equivalent in 2030, you can use whatever you want into it and get out a totally modern signal. For the price of a small box and power adapter you get so much versatility.

I’m a CRT purist so I don’t have much of a horse in the HDMI race, but I can say I will avoid it as long as I can.

Just finding a decent HDMI>VGA converter that handled high resolution and all of my displays properly was a huge pain. Retro gaming video solutions are already complicated enough without having to worry about HDMI revisions and digital handshakes.

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What HDMI to VGA converter did you end up using?

I actually found it at work. It’s a CableMatters adapter and it looks like most others (Dongle-type), but has a microUSB for power and it solved my issues. I had a couple of CRT PC monitors that always gave me trouble with the other adapters I bought. This one had no problems at high resolution and frequency.

The more I think about what you just said. The more I think I should just emulate. Maintaining a CRT and keeping your analog systems healthy will be no small task in a few years. As it is now, I barely use my ossc and almost everything I play on a hdtv comes out of one of my fpga machines.

Why wouldn’t there be scalers for HDMI like they have for analog consoles?

Without ODEs the most recent consoles will be the shortest lived.

My thought is that in 20-30 years HDMI will be gone, replaced by some other standard. Laser 12 positron transmission. 900000p OGFH gas elliptical trilithium screens etc.

So then you end up with consoles manufactured 60 years ago, hacked up 30 years ago to scale 240p to 1080p and for a TV plug that hasn’t been used in 15 years.


I’ve said this a bunch, but yeah, FPGA is the future.

Because of it the only thing that is going to get harder and harder is playing real games on actual systems. The dedicated fanbase will keep that going as long as they can as they have so far but the harder it gets compared to other modern conveniences/cost may become a barrier.

Yea, I have no contingency plan for when the CRT breaks. It’s going to be the worst day.

Displayport is already here, and it’s backwards compatible with HDMI.

I doubt most devices will use video cables at all in 20-30 years.

The wireless spectrum is too noisy. Things like Samsung’s quick connect box will be “wireless enough” . Unless you mean we stream all content then you might be onto something.

I appreciate that forward thinking!!

My plan on future displays is definitely emulation/FPGA - I really don’t think any “modern” display will ever feel like a CRT, 240p is such a weird and cool thing.

Which is fine! I have an OSSC and all that jazz, it’s great at what it’s supposed to do - but if I’m playing on some big modern TV I’d just as soon emulate everything from one box or from a few little cute ones. It’s almost a different thing to me.

I like owning carts and discs, ultimate plan probably looks something like some future FPGA thing with just roms and isos of games in my me and my brother’s collection… and a folder of ones we’ll never afford. Long live MiSTer NES/Famicom/FDS.

I think you missed a detail in my original post:

Laser 12 positron transmission to OGFH gas elliptical trilithium screens

Get with the times man, it’s the 40s! :wink: