I'm looking to replace my Toro Box for Dreamcast. Does this cable offer the same functionality?

I find the Toro to be too bulky and finicky and this looks like it offers the same exact functionality, minus the scanline feature. Can anyone confirm if this is compatible with all of the games? I know some games, like Bangai-O only work in 480i mode, and I also know some games are not compatible - at all - with SCART on the Dreamcast, such as the ones below:

Giga Wing, Skies of Arcadia/Eternal Arcadia, Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 3, Super Street Fighter 2 X, Touken Retsuden 4 , Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service, Pop ‘n’ Musci (all 4).

But other than those, is this the cable to get? Or should I stick with my Toro?

It won’t put out RGBHV if that matters but everything else is the same (minus the scanline function as you mentioned) plus it’s the only cable that I know of that uses full attenuator networks for impedance matching. Shouldn’t suffer from a pink tinge or detail clipping like the Toro.

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