e3 what did you see that we didn't see?

Well, we probably saw it but lets link a game or thing (or both) you saw that you’d like others to know more about.

I’ll kick it off with a few things.

Control - Makers of Alan Wake & Quantum Break. Looks really good


Mega Man 11

Disgaea 1 Complete - looks like more of disgaea 1 (my favorite) on Switch, PC and PS4.


Polymega updates


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Control defiantly looks like my jam.

There are the big obvious ones like Shadows Die Twice, Ghost of Tsushima, and Cyberpunk. Can’t wait for any of them. Spiderman got bumped up a bit too. With licensed stuff like that I always wait till I see actual gameplay or have something solid before getting excited and it did look legit.

Defiantly want more info on Daemon vs Machina and Babylon’s Fall. New Fire Emblem looks good but the series has veered a bit too much into the dating sim side of the spectrum for me recently. I say that but they are still good enough to not skip. Hope Super Mario Party is a return to form.

I know I’m missing some. Was a ton of good stuff and it only seemed like a down year in comparison to the last couple.

Monster Boy had a trailer

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The Messenger

I guess it being teased just before E3 makes it not quite count but really looking forward to the Metal Wolf Chaos port, that was a nice surprise.

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Daemon X Machina was quickly lost in all the Smash talk during the Direct. But a mech game on the Switch? Yes please.

I was shocked when I didn’t see the From logo at the end of the trailer with how much the mechs looked Armored Core. Then when I found out the people behind it it made sense to me again.

It’s by the guy who did Armored Core 2 and 3, too with the original mech creator from those games also. It’s a spiritual sequel.

Game looks great. Definitely on my radar. I loved the old Armored Core games.

After years i am tired of new games. After e3, i made one thing. I sold my Xbox x, my ps4 pro and my switch. I think its much cinema and gta like games, take your open world and your secondary missions with xp and a lot of your time, because almost all the best games of now have this. Indies are different but arent all that high quality most of times. Older games, for me, had better art, better music, better pixels … i Will play only old games starting today for some years, i have a big list of games to play and i need to complete, with the consoles of today in my house i was buying new games and playing just new games in my free time. Now will be different i guess