E3 2018 - Japan Strikes Back?

I think this is one of the better years so far and Nintendo is coming up shortly to add more of a retro flare to things I’m sure given their long running franchises.

So far I’m pretty excited to see a strong Japan-based showing with Resident Evil 2, Death Stranding, Nioh 2, Sekiro and lots more. I feel like they’ve really caught up now and I’m happy about that.

I’m just coming here to say Nintendo’s Direct was a colossal fuckup/disappointment

Yeah, we know there’s a smash bros game coming. We don’t need 30 minutes dedicated to explaining every single character in detail :frowning:

at least theres uh…a new fire emblem. yeah.

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Smash is huge. This game looks certain to unite all the fans under one roof so I think it makes sense for them to make it the star. I’m sure as they’ve done in previous years, all sorts of other news will roll out over the next three days. Some of their thunder was stolen by leaks too. Fortnite would’ve been a bigger deal if no one knew.

I mean I’m fine with the conferences. Only one that wasn’t good was EA and it was more that it was just fully and completely mediocre. Sure no bombshells or super surprises but did see enough games that I’m really into.

I didn’t really know about Resident Evil 2 so that surprised me. I’ve also been heads down on a lot of what was coming so there were surprises for me. Sony sold me on Spider-Man for sure. Death Stranding is totally intriguing because it’s so wacky.

I’m looking forward to a lot of stuff. Octopath Traveler seems really cool the more they show. That mech game from the producer of Armored Core looks seriously good for Switch.

Yeah, that is why I couldn’t be down on the Nintendo conference. That mech game looked boss as fuck and full dlc for Xenoblade 2 is a good thing. I’m not the biggest into Smash but I know the people that are were probably super into that part, and the new Mario Party will be something I get unlike the last one. Not to mention new Fire Emblem looked boss as fuck even if I’m not really into the dating sim aspect the series has taken on.

Sure Octopath Traveler still looks like everything I want it to be but I already knew that and nothing has changed since the last time I saw it.

You’ll never get the melee fans :eyes:

I think eventually Melee fans are going to become so few that it will effectively be over for them. Bringing all the characters to Ultimate probably puts in the dagger.

Actually the opposite continues to happen. Every single year melee gets bigger ! Smash ultimate looks great but not in a competitive setting.

I’m very excited for Mario party !

Granted, I have never really been in to Smash more than enjoying it as a curiosity and for it’s Nintendo fan-service, but I feel like having multiple versions of one character (Link) sort of cheapen it, and make it feel like more of a Mugen-game.

Will there be DLC for it?

I’m sure they’ll have DLC since they’ve been doing that with most of the Switch games so far. What form that takes is unknown.

I am really confused by your comment on Link though. They all play differently based on their varied abilities in the games they come from. It’s not a pallette swap in the way many fighting games do.

Also, the underlying idea of Smash is kind of like a kid playing with his action figures, making them fight one another. That’s the reason for the Hands as bosses, etc.

I can’t agree with your assessment of the characters and it feeling like Mugen. Smash is very much entirely it’s own thing. Nothing else feels like it.

Heck, even the different official Smash Bros. games feel nothing like each other from a gameplay perspective despite having the same basic controls. Like the original, Melee, Brawl, and 3DS/Wii U versions each feel completely different from each other.

And the changes to dodge mechanics in Ultimate already look like they’re going to make for a more offensive game than the Wii U version. I’m digging it so far.

I don’t think I communicated my point properly, but what I was trying to express is that I don’t appreciate multiple iterations of the same character.

I find this is an example of function taking precedence over form, and in this regard, I think Smash comes off akin to Mugen, with elements of the narrative “rules” of its universe violating each other in order to shoehorn characters in.

I personally would rather see Nintendo show some restraint and not replicate characters in favour of keeping a more streamlined narrative and aesthetic.

For what its worth, I never really got into these games beyond a very casual level, so I can appreciate why my argument may fly in the face of those who are deep into the scene. The best analog I can give is that the duplicate characters in smash irk me in the same vein as the inclusion of both “regular” Wolverine and “Bone-Claw” Wolverine did in Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Edit: I also don’t like seeing multiple versions of the same character in Mario Kart, for the same reasons.

Smash is narratively consistent though. It’s about toys/figurines of videogames characters pretend-fighting each other. So it isn’t really the “real” MARIO and Link fighting it out.

I suppose this is true.

I would still rather see those resources put into alternate characters though—there is no shortage to chose from.

I agree with you there. Less is more too in a fighting game. I find that the more characters there are, the less possible it is to balance the game due to all of the possibilities.

I like the small roster in ARMS for example. Or SoulCalibur. Games with 70 characters start to feel diluted especially when there are so many alternate versions.

Melee felt right.

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I do appreciate that they experiment with high-concept character designs like Wii Fit Trainer and the Duck-Hunt duo.

Maybe some other weird stuff like Captain N, or Nester, or a boss from Battle Clash or something would be neat.

(Sidenote: why didn’t the Wii get a Battle Clash game??)

You know as unpopular an opinion as I’m sure this will be, I wouldn’t have minded seeing a smaller and more curated and finely tuned/balanced roster. Like 24 max or something (though I find even that to be too high). Then again smash is a fun party game/fighter, so going all in and having every character makes a lot of sense.

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The news of having to start from the base characters and unlocking the rest has restored some of my hype. That was the biggest disappointment of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for me.

Still bummed about no Yoshi Switch though :frowning: 2019 is so far away

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Big news for Retro fans. Arcade Archives Donkey Kong is available right now on Switch.

Sky Skipper first time release too.