Everdrive Repair

I recently picked up an N64 lot, and it included an Everdrive v2.5.

It looked terrible. It had been hand painted a bunch of times, the cutout on the top was done really poorly, and it felt cheap. The internals rattled around in the case. It worked though!

I set out to fix it, and here’s my results! I made a little imgur album with some more details


For a second I thought the pics posted were the final result and I was like…my God…what did it look like before!?

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Nice job!

But FFS, Imgur comments are some kind of cancer. That’s why all my uploads are hidden from public view.

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congrats man, looks great!

Thanks guys. It gets me excited to play some N64!

I made a mistake in the gallery though, it’s on s-video, not component.

Wow, that cat cart really was heinous looking. Nice job!