DMG Restoration Project

I didn’t initially intend this to be a full restoration project but I think it is now going that way.

What I started with was a very yellow and dirty original colour DMG Gameboy:

I tried a (very slow) de-yellowing with oxyclean only. I usually use creme bleach and can get something done in just one day, but this took several weeks.

Now I plan to order a new lens, likely a glass one.

I’m also tempted to put in a backlight kit… but I wonder if anyone has any recommendations as I see there are many brands and types.

I have been looking a BennVenn’s site and like the look of a few of these…

Thoughts, RGB?


Nice job. Been meaning to do my gameboy for awhile. I might just go with a replacement shell.

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Looks good so far!

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Good job @Peagles.

There doesn’t seem to be any deep scratches on the screen lens so if you can run your fingernail over it without feeling any bumps you could likely use something like Novus 3 to polish your existing one up.

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Thanks guys!

Yeh it’s just a lot of surface scratching, so I’ll give it a shot!