Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


So if you already have the latest GBA Everdrive, this would get you… a smaller cart size, cheats, and save states? The fast forwarding video to me is unclear, it seemed like they were just fast forwarding the video.


That’s me sold just on normal cart size!

Still don’t mind my EZ Flash IV though despite its flaws.


Yeah I’ve got an EZ flash IV but damn, this could easily make the Everdrive GBA irrelevant.

Competition is good.

I’m making a new GBA build with Bennvenns voltage regulator to take with me to Italy this year so I’ll be keeping an eye on the new ez flash cart for sure!


Yup, I love BennVenn.

I recently grabbed an EZ-Flash IV transform and it corrupted my NOR game twice ( mother 3) and ate the save in about 10 hours of use. I wont be using one of their products again untill they can prove better reliability.


Interesting news… I am really digging the small cart size.

I’m was planning on ordering an ED GBA X5 this week. Do you guys think it’s worth waiting for the EZ Flash? How has your experience with their carts been in the past?


I would honestly wait and then decide.

The older EZ Flash + Reform is an ass old design, and I don’t even think it was developed by the same team. Ive had no issues with mine (two carts over the years now) but it was definitely cheaply made. This looks to be much better and is built on a far more reliable setup than the hacky way the old EZ flash loaded and wrote games to and from SD.

The new cart seems much better than the Everdrive in quite a few ways. I think the price will definitely undercut Krikzz too.


I guess I can just order my SD2SNES and get this one later. Thanks!


I think the SD2SNES is in a good place. Both Krikkz/Ikari and Kevtris have said SuperFX/SA-1 implementation on an FPGA is a long way away with current hardware. I can’t see any new flashcart coming anytime soon that blows the doors off the SD2SNES


Yeah, and you can buy the unsupported must-have games for cheap anyway if you go for the JP versions.

I don’t think I’ll need anything more than an SD2SNES. Awesome piece of kit.


Anyone have any opinions on the two N64 flash carts? There’s the 64 drive and the everdrive 64, has anyone used either one? used both? have preferences?


Ive used both.

They’re both solid carts, I don’t see any reason why I’d put one above the other. Everdrive is easier to get hold of and cheaper - the 64Drive has a four week lead time for each order.

Bear in mind the v2 and V3 Everdrives have differences (v2 requires you to press reset to record game saves, V3 doesn’t).

The Everdrive 64 V3 is a fantastic cart. Love the fact that it has full 64DD support (without the 64dd of course). Playing the English translated F Zero Expansion Kit on it is awesome. Everdrive also supports auto patch files - such as the ones that remove AA from textures for a crisp image.

Edit: just make absolutely sure you do NOT buy an Everdrive anywhere other than Krikzz’s official store, retrotowers.co.uk or stone age gamer. Get one from eBay or AliExpress and it’s gonna be a shoddy fake.


I want to get his. I saw Voultar’s but something tells me Benn will have the better chip.


Thanks for the info I think I might be leaning towards an everdrive 64 v3. I always get my everdrives from Stoneagegamer.


An EverDrive 64 will be in my order during the Black Friday sale this year. There’s really no point for me to pay full price when I can save 20% from krikzz by waiting.


8 months of using your EverDrive64 :grin:


I’ve gone more than 20 years without it, I can wait 8 months. :slight_smile:
I actually decided against getting it during the last sale when I got my Mega and GBA ones because I was being cheap.


A mega, GB and N64 everdrive order would have been a doozy so I don’t blame you there.


i know folks want an all-in-one, but really, an SD2SNES and copies of Star Fox and Yoshi’s Island take care of most of what you’d be after either way


I need a repro label and a new battery for my Yoshi’s Island. When I gave my SNES and games to my niece and her family growing up they put stickers on each label that had their address and contact info. When I saw my poor Yoshi’s Island cart I took that shit right back lol, but the damage was done :frowning:


Hoooly shit. Just an update on the new EZ Flash GBA cart I posted about above…Firstly, it’s called the EZ Flash Omega. Secondly, the price will be…

$69.99. Out next month.

Official feature list:

Features or Functions

256Mbit PSRAM

And photos - it comes in two sizes, DS Lite and GBA. This is the DSL size:

It’s available to preorder on one site so far, but I’m gonna wait until reviews/hands on are out.