Everdrives (& other flashcarts too!)


I like that DSL size! Interested in reviews as well. I about bought a GBA/DS flash cart a couple months ago, glad I waited!


I’m really interested in this one. I wonder what they are doing considering Krikkz couldn’t even fit his in a standard GBA cart and this is 1/3 the size.


Something I forgot to mention, if you’re interested in an FPGA MSX, there’s a company that produces them in smallish batches.

If you’re interested, you should contact them and let them know. Once enough people have expressed interest, they put up another batch to order.


anyone know how these flashcart behave on pal snes/megadrive?

can i play games in 60hz on an pal snes, mega drive without any other modification.


No you need to mod the consoles. Once you do though, it works perfectly.

Edit: And of course they work perfectly in 50hz PAL as well, and you can play games from any region but 50hz only.


Not strictly true - SD2SNES auto patches NTSC games to play on unmodified PAL hardware.


Oh yes. I just meant that the games will be played in 50hz if the console isn’t modified.


Ah yes, I don’t think I caught your edit.

To be fair, there’s no reason why anyone should subject themselves to PAL in this day and age. Super Famicom consoles are dirt cheap.


Yeah and the Model 1 Mega Drive/Genesis is super simple to mod with a region switch. Really good beginners project actually.