Black Friday retro gaming deals

Anyone know of any Black Friday deals, screaming or otherwise?

I’m once again eying the 20% off EverDrives sale on Might be the right time to pick up a GBA EverDrive so I’m not caught unprepared when the GBA HDMI mod comes out.

Thanks for the heads up. I may actually try to snag a Mega Everdrive X5.

I had been planning on a GBA x5 this year and a Mega Everdrive x5 next year. However I think I might hold off and use that money towards a Super NT.

Is the sale this Friday? Anyone know the exact time?

His site says November 24 but no idea on a time

Probably just all day Ukraine time. I don’t recall specific times from last year.

I need to list some stuff for sale pretty soon. That’s almost like a Black Friday sale.

FYI ebay has a $15 off $75 order until 9PM EST today. Good way to pick up anything you might want on ebay.

Don’t know anything about this site but there’s black friday discounts at


15% TO 60% OFF EVERYTHING - Beat the (virtual) crowds by using the discount code “THEWORM17” during checkout anytime before Friday, November, 24th to receive the same discount that will be publicly available on Black Friday.

FYI everyone, Black Friday pricing (20% off) is now live on Krikzz.

I just ordered the GBA Everdrive. Looking forward to playing Mother 3 and other translations.

Yes, I noticed it went live last night just before I went to bed. Got me my Everdrive 64 V3. Cannot wait for it come in the mail now.

Had to wait till this morning to place my order (Mega and GBA) because my cc company flags payments to krikzz. All good now.

Also, I noticed they are selling a lot of old stock that’s going for cheap. There’s an older version of the Everdrive 64 V3 with an old CIC chip that only works on NTSC consoles (before they eventually resorted to using UltraCIC chips on later versions which works on all consoles). So yeah, great bargain for a V3 if you only use a NTSC console and don’t give a damn about using the everdrive on a PAL console. The games that require CIC-6105 can be patched anyway.

(This is outdated version of N64 EverDrive without UltraCIC. We selling old stock remnants with discount.
Cartridge uses previous board revision with preinstalled CIC-6102, instead of UltraCIC in current board revision. This cart can work only with NTSC system (Japan or US version)

Carts with CIC-6102 can not play few games which uses protection mechanisms of CIC-6105 (Banjo tooie, JFG etc.) Also such cart is not supported with PAL systems.)

Thinking of doing the SMS Everdrive this year, and later on doing the FM Mod to my SMS.

FYI, I’ve heard Krikzz may be doing an SMS Everdrive refresh sometime down the line… No idea on timeline for that though, but something to keep in mind. Likewise, it sounds like the new Mega Everdrive X7 now has FPGA FM support, so if you have a Megadrive/Genesis, that might be a good option.

I was going to get a Game Gear Everdrive this year, but held off since I figured if Krikzz is doing an SMS refresh, a GG one might happen at the same time.

Ahhh don’t tell me that. I have the Mega Everdrive X5 and was kinda ticked that the FM support only works on the X7. I just don’t want to get burned. Other option is to buy the FM sound kit for my SMS.

The major UK cable maker has a black Friday sale. I’m US based so I haven’t used them before but they’re generally recommended.

Unrestricted no nonsense discount from our entire range using code FRIDAY20 #RETROGAMING

There’s also a sale at until November 30th. My only experience with them is a used PS2 controller I had to return due to a bad analog stick but I’m tempted to pick up some Dreamcast stuff.

$30.00 OFF!
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I ordered an EverDrive GBA last night and couldn’t resist adding a GB x3. Now I’m really excited to play Shantae on original hardware. I started the game on the 3DS’s virtual console, and it’s amazing the tricks the game pulls off on an 8-bit system.

Also, I noticed that Black Friday pricing is still live on

Oooooooh yeah! ED64 V3 arrived just before Xmas!!

Wrap it up and put it under the tree imo.