Framemeister and HDR TVs

Nice choice for gaming! That’s the same TV I have, and it’s one of the best you can get for input lag.

Good to know I made a good choice! Yeah, I can’t detect input lag at all. I played Battle Garegga PS4 for about an hour last night and it felt perfect. I’ve been getting advice in this thread on ResetEra, I posted a bunch of pics on page 2 of what Mario Odyssey looks like on my TV after making a bunch of adjustments to settings. Wouldn’t mind your opinion if you have a bit of time:

I fully support and endorse this post.

Ended up returning the LG UHD to Best Buy today as the picture quality was wildly inconsistent. Aside from discovering some possible burn in (posted pictures in the thread linked above), the other straws which collectively broke the camel’s back were trying out Dragon Quest Builders Switch, Yoshi’s Woolly World Wii U and Netflix. Dragon Quest Builders Switch looked horribly jaggy and washed out which was infuriating after all the settings and hoops I jumped through just to make Odyssey and BotW look proper. The TV took Woolly World’s beautiful hand crafted visuals and turned them into blurry garbage and HD content on Netflix looked washed out and awful. Only thing that looked consistently good on the TV was my PS4, everything else had issues or constant need for readjustment. One of the Best Buy reps I spoke with while returning it told me he thinks based on all the issues I had that in his opinion the TV may have a bad video processor. Plasma is hooked back up and age aside it looks as amazing as ever, going to buy a new remote for it and just use it until it either dies or until I’m ready to buy a higher end TV like a QLED HDR.

I played some Dragon Quest Builders on Switch today on my 4K TV and it runs at 720p so it’s really best to output directly at 720p so that the scale to 4K produces a nicer image (3x3 display pixels for each source pixel).

I was actually running at 1080p to start due to Mario Kart 8 DX being a 1080p game and the scale first from 720 to 1080 and again to 4K looked really awful so maybe that’s part of the problem you had?

I just think it’s a poor TV and even the Best Buy rep who helped me return it thinks it has a serious defect as I said in my post above. Having to adjust settings almost every time a different game or different type of content is being used is ridiculous. Mario Odyssey and BotW looked good after carefully adjusting settings, DB Builders and Woolly World looked horrible, simple HD content on Netflix looked terrible. I’m watching an HD over the air broadcast rerun of Star Trek TOS on my Plasma right now and it looks better and crisper than anything I watched on Netflix with the LG UHD. No regrets returning it.

This is why I’m very hesitant to grab a 4k TV. I need to see one scaling Xbox 360/PS3/Wii U/Switch games nicely enough for me to want to jump in.

When I tossed my original CRT for my first fixed pixel display, I had a real issue with how it scaled SD content (as I’m sure many on this site have experienced for themselves). And while I know a 4k TV won’t have as many issues in scaling sub-1080p content, I still think it’s bound to be uglier than a 1080p native display in some respects for low res games… especially some from the PS3 and Xbox 360 that are sub-720p on the frame buffer.

With non-PS3 consoles, you’d think the built in scaler would alleviate some concern, but for me it doesn’t. You have two processors scaling the image instead of one which is far more concerning than one processor scaling the image to 1080p on the console-level (which I find far preferable).

PS3 is a whole other thing for me though. I still haven’t seen those games look “correct” on anything other than my 20L5 - and that’s hardly a satisfying way to play widescreen games.

Then there’s the whole other issue of input lag. 4k TVs just don’t seem fast enough for me from what I’ve seen. It’s really amazing just how few options there are for adequate gaming displays these days. Like, really, we went from CRT to this? (Still gets me mad just thinking about it).

If anyone ever came up with a nice multi sync monitor with a small back that was wall mountable with decent image quality, I do think they’d have a tremendous hit on their hands. They could charge a hefty premium over other displays and have a nice market to themselves.

Switch looks miles better on our 4K than on our old plasma, that’s how I knew the scaling was great. Been so happy with the x930e to be honest.

That’s good to know, hopefully I can get a TV that has more consistent upscaling next time. I’m not doing $500 models anymore, seems like once you go south of $900 the chances for lower quality results increase. I must have played Yoshi’s Woolly World for at least an hour last night on my Plasma, such a beautiful game, the 4K TV absolutely butchered it.

I’m telling you go to They’ve never steered me wrong when it comes to a tv set. They include all kinds of stuff in their reviews, how it handles upscalling 480/720/1080 stuff, how is the back lighting, what the lag is like, etc etc.

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I dunno, said this TV was 9/10 for upscaling 1080p content, go figure. I’m stillthinking the TV had something defective internally.

@Dark1x said on stream with the MLiG guys that he sets his PS3 to 720p and I found once I did that, I was much happier with the look of that generation on my 4K. I tend to be a lot more particular about 240p upscaling than I am with 720 and 1080 so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

I have 2 Sony 4K TV’s and 2 older Samsung 1080p TV’s and 1 1080i (its probably fudging that and is actually a 720p TV). I think last gen looks fine on most of those TV’s but since the color depth is better on my newer 4K I really just enjoy playing games on that best. My larger Samsung has a great picture but horrible lag and my other Samsung has a decent picture and excellent input lag. I find almost everything is a trade off. My older 4K doesn’t do HDR but it can take damn well anything I throw at it with the OSSC.

I am not fond of the way HD consoles look on my 20L5. Things look blurry but its an opinion and I think if you are happy with the way it looks who am I to argue?

Sony TVs are pretty amazing. I don’t think anyone is going to talk me into getting an OLED. I flip back and forth between Samsung and Sony depending on when I am buying it. I am super pumped for the QLED Samsungs this year and I might be getting rid of my 2015 4K (jail bars) and getting the Sammy thanks to Freesync being in the new HDMI spec and both Samsung and XBOX are rumored to be taking advantage of that this year. If they don’t I will stick it out with my Sony for another year.

I do have a complaint about Sony TV’s still having too much input lag and almost all 4K TV’s don’t support PC resolutions well. That isn’t specific to Sony but I think with Super Sampling being a thing with PS4 Pro and XBOX ONE X supporting 2K resolution will probably end up being the happy medium for console gamers on 4K TV’s.