FS: Neo Geo Cbox MVS with AES stick and 161 in 1 cart

I’m purchasing a full cab this weekend so no longer need this. Please be aware of using this with a scart switcher without the proper RGB cables could cause damage. I used component on my PVM which has no problems. It has also been modded for stereo output. Power supply is included. I have modded the AES stick with sanwa buttons but I will include the original buttons as well.

$400 shipped.

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Congrats on the cab. Post pics

shit, not the AES i’d had in mind forever now but kinda want

How are these CBox systems btw? Would you recommend one at all? I’d buy yours but shipping to NZ would be a nightmare, but I’ve seen them on aliexpress.

They are really nice. I’d definitely recommend picking one up. The older models had mono out which can be modded for stereo but I’ve been hearing the new batches have that done already. The only thing I’d be wary of is the attenuation ruining scart or xrgb’s. If you get the proper cable your fine or just use component. A really nice bonus that most other CMVS’ systems dont have is the Saturn controller inputs.

This ones been sold already so I’m not trying to make a sale here,haha,they are solid systems especially for the price.

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Thanks, I appreciate the write up. Will definitely look into getting one. Been wanting some kind of consolised MVS for a few years now.

One of us! One of us!

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